Classical Art and Archaeology Faculty Listing

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Professor Lisa Nevett, Chair 

Core Faculty


Elaine K. Gazda (History of Art), Etruscan and Roman Art, Classical Archaeology

Sharon C. Herbert (Classical Studies), Greek Archaeology, Vase Painting, Hellenistic Near East

Lisa Nevett (Classical Studies), Archaeology and Iconography of Domestic Space in the Ancient Greek World; Architecture in the Ancient World

Christopher Ratté (Classical Studies/History of Art), Classical Archaeology, especially Greek Architecture and Urbanism, Archaeology of Turkey

Margaret C. Root (History of Art),  Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East and Greece

Nicola Terrenato (Classical Studies), Roman Republican Archaeology, Roman Imperialism, Early Rome, Field Survey Method

Associated Faculty


Gary Beckman (Near Eastern Studies) Hitittology

Gabriele Boccaccini (Near Eastern Studies) Hellenistic Religions

Joyce Marcus (Anthropology), Mayan Culture

Piotr Michalowski (Near Eastern Studies), Assyriology

John O'Shea (Anthropology) European Prehistory, Mortuary Analysis

David S. Potter (Classical Studies), Greek and Roman Asia Minor, Greek and Latin historiography and epigraphy

Martin Powers (History of Art) Cross-cultural Studies

Elizabeth Sears (History of Art) Medieval art; Historiography

Ray Silverman (History of Art) African Art; Museum Studies

Carla Sinopoli (Anthropology), Archaeology, Complex Societies, Early States and Empires

Raymond Van Dam (History) Ancient History

Arthur M.F.W. Verhoogt (Classical Studies), Greek papyrology, Socioeconomic, Cultural and Administrative History of Greek and Roman Egypt, Egyptian, Greek and Latin Personal Names, Fayum Villages

Robert Whallon (Anthropology) European Prehistory

Milford Wolpoff (Anthropology) Physical Anthropology, Human Osteology

Henry Wright (Anthropology) Early Mesopotamia

 Associate Professors

Sara Forsdyke (Classical Studies) Greek; Latin

Ian Moyer (History) Ancient History

Janet Richards (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

Brian Schmidt (Near Eastern Studies), Languages, Literature, and Religion

Celia Schultz (Classical Studies), Roman History and Religion

Pat Simons (History of Art) Gender Studies, Early Modern Art

Paolo Squatriti (History), Medieval

Terry Wilfong (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

 Assistant Professor

Ian Moyer (History) Ancient History


Laura Motta (Classical Studies; Kelsey Museum of Archaeology), Palaeoethnobotany



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