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Professor Sara L. Forsdyke, Chair (1/1/2014-6/30/2017)

Academics and Requirements


Sara L. Ahbel-Rappe, Hellenistic and classical philosophy, neo-Platonism, philosophy of language

Derek Collins, archaic Greek poetry, Latin literature, history of the classical tradition, religion

Sara L. Forsdyke, Greek historiography, Greek political thought and ideology, Greek orators, Greek law, Greek history

Bruce W. Frier (Henry King Ransom Professor of Law; John and Teresa D'Arms Distinguished University Professor of Classics and Roman Law), Roman law, Roman social and economic history, Hellenistic and Roman historiography and political science, ancient architecture, numismatics

Kweku A. Garbrah, Greek and Latin languages, comparative philology, epigraphy, early Latin tragedy

Sharon C. Herbert (John G. Pedley Collegiate Professor of Classical Archaeology & Greek), Greek archaeology, vase painting, Hellenistic Near East

Richard Janko (Gerald F. Else Distinguished University Professor of Classical Studies), Greek language and literature (especially Mycenaean Greek, Homer and oral poetry), ancient literary criticism (especially Aristotle and Philodemus), comedy, Orphism and Greek religion, ancient manuscripts, textual criticism

Vassilios Lambropoulos (C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek Studies; Professor of Comparative Literature), Modern Greek culture, the ancients and the moderns, ethics and politics, literature after cultural studies

Artemis S. Leontis, Comparative literature (especially classics and modern literatures), modern Greek literature, language, and culture; diaspora studies, including Greek Americans

Lisa Nevett, archaeology and iconography of domestic space in the ancient Greek world

David S. Potter (Arthur Thurnau Professor of Greek and Latin; Francis W. Kelsey Collegiate Professor of Greek and Roman History), Greek and Roman Asia Minor, Greek and Latin historiography and epigraphy

Christopher Ratté, Classical archaeology, especially Greek architecture and urbanism, archaeology of Turkey

Celia Schultz, Roman religion, history and literature of the Roman Republic, Cicero, Livy

Ruth Scodel (D.R. Shackleton Bailey Collegiate Professor of Greek and Latin), Homer, tragedy, Greek literary criticism, ancient narrative

Nicola Terrenato, Roman Republican archaeology, Roman imperialism, early Rome, field survey method

Arthur M.F.W. Verhoogt, Greek papyrology; socioeconomic, cultural and administrative history of Greek and Roman Egypt; Egyptian, Greek and Latin personal names; Fayum villages


Associate Professors

Ruth Caston, Latin literature, Augustan poetry, ancient rhetoric

Basil Dufallo, Latin literature, epic poetry, Augustan poetry, literary theory

Benjamin Fortson, early Greek and Latin, history of Greek and Latin, comparative Indo-European linguistics, metrics and poetics, Roman comedy

Francesca Schironi, Ancient scholarship and literary criticism, especially Aristarchus of Samothrace and Alexandrian scholarship; Greek science and technical languages; literary papyrology; reception studies


Assistant Professors

Paolo Asso, Lucan, Greek and Latin epic, Latin poetry, mythology, history of Classical Scholarship

Donald Sells, Greek Drama; Greek Historiography; Attic and South Italian Vase-Painting



Netta Berlin, Latin literature, epic poetry, Augustan poetry, literary theory

Despina Margomenou, Modern Greek

Donka Markus, oral performance of literature in Rome, Latin pedagogy, teaching with technology, reading theory

Deborah Pennell Ross, Latin language and literature, linguistics

Gina M. Soter, pedagogy of Latin and Greek, Greek and Roman theater, classical tradition theater, women and gender in classical antiquity, religion in classical antiquity


Adjunct Professors

Victor Caston, Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy

David Halperin (W.H. Auden Distinguished University Professor of the History and Theory of Sexuality; Professor of English Language and Literature and Professor of Women's Studies),  history and theory of homosexuality, classical studies and its relation to contemporary cultural history, gay men's social practices and cultural identifications

Johanna H. Prins (Professor of English and Comparative Literature), Nineteenth-century poetry; history and theory of lyric; translation and reception of classics, comparative literature

Arlene W. Saxonhouse  (Caroline Robbins Collegiate Professor of Political Science and Women's Studies), political theory, gender and politics, feminist theory

Raymond Van Dam (Richard Hudson Research Professor of History), Roman empire, late antiquity, early Christianity, history and anthropology


Professors Emeriti

Theodore V. Buttrey

H.D. Cameron (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Greek drama, linguistics, Greek orators, Plautus

Sally Humphreys, Anthropology of ancient societies, Greek law, history of religions

Ludwig Koenen (Herbert C. Youtie Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Papyrology), Papyrology, Greek and Latin literature, Hellenistic and Roman Egypt, patristics, the history of religion

John G. Pedley, Greek and Roman art and archaeology, Greek sculpture, art and archaeology of Asia Minor and South Italy

David O. Ross, Jr., Latin literature, Hellenistic poetry, Latin textual criticism

James B. White, Greek literature, law, and rhetoric

Charles Witke, Catullus, Augustan poetry, Roman satire, medieval Latin literature, religion, Erasmus



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