Curators and Researchers of the Herbarium


Paul Berry (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Curator of Vascular Plants (Herbarium)
Plant Systematics

Associate Curators

Robyn Burnham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Earth and Environmental Sciences),  Associate Curator of Vascular Plants (Herbarium)
Tropical ecosystems and paleoecology of northern South America, Paleobotany

Christopher W. Dick (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology),   Associate Curator of Vascular Plants (Herbarium)
Tropical Ecology and Evolution

Timothy Y. James (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology),  Assistant Curator of  Fungi  (Herbarium)
Evolution of Fungi, Mating Systems Phylogenetics

Yin-Long Qiu (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Associate Curator  (Herbarium)
Plant evolution: land plant phylogeny, basal angiosperm phylogeny, genome evolution in land plants

Research Scientists

Christiane Anderson, Herbarium Librarian  (Herbarium)
Malpighiaceae (Galphimia, Hiraea, Peixotoa, Pterandra, Stigmaphyllon, Thryallis)

Anton A. Reznicek, Curator of Vascular Plants  (Herbarium)
Systematics and evolution of Cyperaceae, especially Carex; Phytogeography of the northeastern North American flora, concentrating on the Great Lakes region; Conservation of the Great Lakes region flora

Florence S. Wagner,  (Herbarium)
Pteridophytes: systematics, evolution, cytology; fern flora of Hawaii

Associate Research Scientist

Richard K. Rabeler, Research Museum Collection Manager: Vascular Plants (Herbarium)

 Research Investigator

Michael R. Penskar, Michigan Natural Features Inventory (Herbarium)

Collections Staff

Patricia Rogers, Research Museum Collection Manager: Fungi, Lichens, Bryophytes (Herbarium)

Beverly S. Walters, Research Museum Collection Manager: Vascular Plants  (Herbarium)


Scott A. Martin (Science Libraries, University Library), Biological Sciences Librarian 

Sanam Arab (University Library), Access Services Librarian, Museums Library

Charlene Stachnik (Museums Library), Museums Library On-Site Supervisor

Curator Emeritus

Robert Shaffer (Lewis E Wehmeyer and Elaine Prince Wehmeyer Professor Emeritus of Fungal Taxonomy), Curator Emeritus of Fungi (Herbarium),
Plant taxonomy, basidiomycetes

Michael J. Wynne (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Curator Emeritus of Algae (Herbarium), 
Phycology, systematics of marine algae, phytogeography


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