Curators and Researchers of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology


Elaine K. Gazda [Hellenistic and Roman Collections] (History of Art), Etruscan and Roman Art, Classical Archaeology

Sharon Herbert [Greek and Hellenistic Collections] (Classical Studies) (John G. Pedley Collegiate Professor of Classical Archaeology and Greek), Greek archaeology, vase painting, Hellenistic Near East

Christopher J. Ratté [Greek and Hellenistic Collections] (Classical Studies), Classical archaeology, especially Greek architecture and urbanism, archaeology of Turkey

Janet Richards [Dynastic Egyptian Collections] (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

Margaret C. Root [Greek and Near Eastern Collections] (History of Art), Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East and Greece

Terry Wilfong [Graeco-Roman Egyptian Collections] (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

Associate Curator

Suzanne Davis [Conservation], Conservation of archaeological materials and the history and practice of archaeological field conservation

Associate Research Scientist

Richard Redding, Origin of food production and the evolution of complex societies

Assistant Research Scientist

Geoff Emberling, Comparative perspectives on ancient cities, states, empires, and ethnicity with a particular focus on ancient cultures across the Middle East and North Africa; Politics of archaeological practice and museum display

Collections Manager

Sebastián Encina

Curators Emeriti


Research Associates

Gary Beckman, Department of Near Eastern Studies
Christiane Gruber, Department of the History of Art
Brendan Haug, Department of Classical Studies
Artemis Leontis
, Department of Classical Studies
Despina Margomenou, Department of Classical Studies
Laura Motta
, Departments of Classical Studies and Anthropology
Lisa Nevett, Department of Classical Studies
Lauren Talalay, Kelsey Museum
Nicola Terrenato, Department of Classical Studies
Arthur Verhoogt, Department of Classical Studies

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