Curators and Researchers of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology


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Professor Sharon Herbert, Director (September 1, 2002-June 30, 2013)

Associate Professor Lauren Talalay, Associate Director


Elaine K. Gazda [Hellenistic and Roman Collections] (History of Art), Etruscan and Roman Art, Classical Archaeology

Sharon Herbert [Greek and Hellenistic Collections] (Classical Studies) (John G. Pedley Collegiate Professor of Classical Archaeology and Greek), Greek archaeology, vase painting, Hellenistic Near East

Janet Richards [Dynastic Egyptian Collections] (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

Margaret C. Root [Greek and Near Eastern Collections] (History of Art), Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East and Greece

Lauren Talalay [Academic Outreach and Exhibits], Aegean prehistory, gender, Neolithic figurines

Terry Wilfong [Graeco-Roman Egyptian Collections] (Near Eastern Studies), Egyptology

Associate Curators

Suzanne Davis [Conservation]

Curators Emeriti


Collections Manager

Sebastian Encina


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