Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Faculty Listing


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Professor Diarmaid Ó Foighil,  Chair (9/1/14-6/30/17)
Professor Priscilla Tucker, Associate Chair for Undergraduate  Curriculum
Professor L. Lacey Knowles, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Academics and Requirements


Paul E. Berry, Plant Systematics, phytogeography, and floristics

Joel D. Blum (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; John D. MacArthur Professor of Geological Sciences), Social behavior, vocal communication and sexual selection

Robert Denver, Evolutionary developmental biology and physiology

Paul Dunlap, Microbial Symbiosis and Bioluminescence

Daniel C. Fisher (Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology), Paleobiology, Pleistocene extinctions

Philip Gingerich (Ermine Cowles Case Collegiate Professor of Paleontology), Fossil Record and the Evolution of Mammals

Deborah E. Goldberg (Elzada U. Clover Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology),Community ecology and plant ecology

Mark Hunter (Henry A. Gleason Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Population Ecology, Plant Herbivore Interactions, and Ecosystems Processes

George W. Kling (Robert G. Wetzel Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Ecosystem ecology and aquatic biogeochemistry

L. Lacey Knowles, Speciation, Phylogeography, evolutionary radiations

Alexey Kondrashov (Andrei R. Skovoroda Collegiate Professor in the Life Sciences), Evolutionary Processes

John T. Lehman, Limnology, aquatic science, nutrient and trophic dynamics

Philip Myers, Biosysematics and ecology of mammals

Knute Nadelhoffer, Ecosystems Ecology, Terrestrial Biogeochemistry, and Global Change

Ronald A. Nussbaum, Systematics, evolution, and evology of amphibians and reptiles

Diarmaid Ó Foighil, Invertebrate evolution and systematics, malacology

Barry M. OConnor, Entomology, Parasitology, Acarology

Laura Olsen (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Director, Program in Biology), Plant cell biology

Mercedes Pascual (Rosemary Grant Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Theoretical ecology and disease ecology

Pejman Rohani, Theoretical ecology, population dynamics, infectious diseases, metapopulations

Thomas Schmidt, Patterns of Diversity, Metabolic Tradeoffs & Interactions in the Microbial World 

Priscilla K. Tucker, Mammalian Organismal, Chromosomal, and Genome Evolution

John H. Vandermeer (Margaret Davis Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Theoretical ecology, agroecology, tropical ecology

Paul W. Webb, Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics of Animals

Earl E. Werner, Community ecology and ecology of amphibians

Mark L. Wilson, Ecology of infectious diseases

Donald R. Zak (Burton V. Barnes Collegiate Professor), Microbial Ecology and Ecosystem Ecology

Jianzhi George Zhang (Marshall W. Nirenberg Collegiate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Molecular Evolutionary Genetics


Associate Professors

Catherine Badgley, Ecology and Paleoecology of Mammals, Biogeography

Thore Bergman, Social Behavior, Vocal Communication, Sexual Selection 

Robyn J. Burnham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / Earth and Environmental Sciences), Tropical plant ecology and systematics

Bradley Cardinale, Community and ecosystems ecology, freshwater ecology

Christopher Dick, Tropical biodiversity, molecular ecology, plant evolution

Gregory J. Dick, Geomicrobiology, marine microbiology, and microbial community genomics

Meghan Duffy, Evolutionary Ecology, Disease Ecology, Host-Parasite Interactions, Freshwater Ecology

Thomas F. Duda, Evolutionary Biology of Mollusks

Inés Ibáñez, Plant Community Ecology, Climate Change and Invasive Species

Aaron A. King, Theoretical Ecology, Epidemiology, and Population Dynamics

Annette Ostling, Community ecology and theoretical ecology

Yin-Long Qiu, Molecular Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution of Plants

Elizabeth Tibbetts, Behavioral Evolution, Organismal Biology, and Evolutionary Processes

Patricia Wittkopp, Evolutionary genetics and genomics, evolution of development


Assistant Professors

Regina Baucom, Plant Evolution & Ecological Genomics, Agriculture 

Vincent Denef, Freshwater microbial evolutionary ecology, community and population genomics

Timothy James, Evolution of Fungi, Mating Systems Phylogenetics

Daniel Rabosky, Macroevolution, speciation, herpetology, phylogenetic comparative methods, evolutionary ecology

Shai Revzen, Bio-inspired control, Dynamical Systems, Biomechanics, Legged Locomotion, Modular Robotics 

Stephen A. Smith, Phylogenetics, computational evolutionary biology, biogeography, phyloinformatics



Marc Ammerlaan (Hiroshi Ikuma Collegiate Lecturer in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Microbiology

Lynn Carpenter, Phylogeography and Paleoecology

Laura Eidietis, Organismal Biology and Science Education

Josepha Kurdziel, Evolutionary Biology and Science Education


Research Scientists

Christiane Anderson, Malpighiaceae (Galphimia, Hiraea, Peixotoa, Pterandra, Stigmaphyllon, Thryallis)

Anton Reznicek, Systematics and evolution of Cyperaceae

Florence Wagner, Pteridophytes: systematics, evolution, cytology


Associate Research Scientists

Raymond Barbehenn, Insect biochemistry and ecology

Liliana Cortés Ortiz, Evolution of neotropical primates

Rich Rabeler, Systematics and distribution of Caryophyllaceae; North American floristics


Assistant Research Scientists

Allison Davis Rabosky, Evolution of behavior, evolutionary genomics, character evolution and phylogenetics, herpetology

Melissa Duhaime, Marine Viral Community Genomics

Pavel Klimov, Molecular phylogentics, host-parsite relationships, coevolution, systematics of mites

Taehwan Lee, Molecular evolution and systematics of invertebrates with special emphasis on mollusks

Luke Nave, Forest carbon and nitrogen cycling

Cody Thompson (Mammal Division Collection Manager, Museum of Zoology), biological diversity, hybridization in mammals


Professors Emeriti

Julian Adams, Population genetics

John B. Burch, Malacology

William L. Fink, Ichthyology, Phylogenetics

Brian A. Hazlett, Animal behavior, invertebrate zoology

Arnold G. Kluge, Systematics, herpetology

Larry D. Noodén, Plant developmental physiology

Robert B. Payne, Curator Emeritus of Birds, Museum of Zoology; Ornithology

Gerald R. Smith (Geological Sciences / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology),  Curator Emeritus of Fishes, Museum of Zoology; Curator Emeritus of Lower Vertebrates, Museum of Paleontology;  

James A. Teeri, Plant ecology

Michael J. Wynne, Phycology



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