European Studies Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates


William J. Adams (Economics) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Shorey Peterson Professor of Industrial Organizations and Corporate Finance), Industrial Organization, Comparative Economics

Fernando Arenas (Romance Languages and Literatures / Afroamerican and African Studies), Portuguese with an emphasis on literature, film, and popular music

Rueven Avi-Yonah (Law) (Irwin I. Cohn Professor of Law), corporate and international taxation

Michael N. Bastedo (Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, School of Education), Governance, organization, stratification, and politics of public higher education

Jenna Bednar (Political Science / Institute for Social Research), Federalism; Foundations of Institutional Analysis; Formal Modeling; Constitutional Theory and Design

Vincenzo A. Binetti (Romance Languages & Literature), 19th- and 20th-century Italian literature; cultural studies and literary theory

Gabriele  Boccaccini (Near Eastern Studies, Judaic Studies), Second Temple Judaism, Christian Origins, early Rabbinic literature

Celeste  Brusati (History of Art/Women’s Studies/Art&Design), Early modern European art, primarily in the Netherlands; Early modern art literature and image theory; Pictorial representation and perception; Art, science, and technology

Kathleen Canning (History, Women’s Studies, Germanic Languages & Literatures) (Sonya Rose Collegiate Professor of History, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Modern Germany, modern European women and gender, labor and social movements, welfare state, history of the body

Joshua H.  Cole (History), history of France in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Susan M. Collins (Public Policy) (Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy), International Macroeconomics and Finance; International Trade & Investment; Macroeconomics & Money; International Development

Alan Deardorff (Economics/Public Policy) (John W. Sweetland Professor of International Economics), International Trade

Kathryn  Dominguez (Economics/Public Policy), international financial markets; macroeconomics

Geoff  Eley (History, Germanic Languages & Literatures) (Karl Pohrt Distinguished University Professor of Contemporary History), Modern Europe and Germany, historiography, history and film, nationalism, fascism and the right

Robert Franzese (Political Science & Institute for Social Research), comparative and international political economy (C&IPE) of developed democracies and related aspects of empirical methodology

Jane Fulcher (Musicology, School of Music, Theatre & Dance), French music; relation between music and cultural theory from a sociological, anthropological, and historical, as well as from a literary perspective

Dario Gaggio (History), Modern Southern European, Italy, Science and Technology

Fatma Müge Göçek (Sociology), Historical Sociology, Social Change, Gender and Gender Roles, Theory, Sociology of the Middle East

Anna Grzymala-Busse (Political Science)  (Ronald and Eileen Weiser Professor of European and Eurasian Studies), Comparative Politics and Post-Communism, Institutional Development, Qualitative Methods

Daniel Halberstam (Law) (Eric Stein Collegiate Professor of Law), constitutional law, globalization, and comparative public law and legal theory

James C. Hathaway (Law) (James E and Sarah A Degan Professor of Law), international refugee law

Jarrod L. Hayes (Romance Languages & Literatures), French and Francophone literature, Queer Theory and Postcolonial Studies, representations of non-normative sexualities in Maghrebian literature

Julia Hell (Germanic Languages & Literatures), nineteenth- and twentieth- century German culture; literature, the visual arts, and politics; history and theory of realism/modernism; the history, theory, and aesthetics of empires and their ruins

Juli Highfill (Romance Languages & Literatures), French and Francophone literature, Queer Theory and Postcolonial Studies, representations of non-normative sexualities in Maghrebian literature

Ken Kollman (Political Science and Institute for Social Research) (Frederick G.L. Huetwell Professor), Political Parties; Elections; Formal Modeling

Vassilis  Lambropoulos (Classical Studies, Comparative Literature), Modern Greek culture; classical reception; civic ethics and democratic politics; tragedy and the tragic; word and music

Janet H. Lawrence (Center for the Study of Higher and Postsecondary Education, School of Education), International and comparative higher education, teaching and learning in postsecondary education, academic innovation

Howard Lay (History of Art), 19th- and 20th-Century Art and Theory

Artemis Leontis (Classical Studies), Modern Greek studies: 20th-century modernism in literature and art, city of Athens architecture, urban planning, and its representation in the arts

Karla Mallette (Romance Languages & Literatures, Near Eastern Studies), Medieval Mediterranean literature in Italian, Arabic, Latin; Translation between Greek, Arabic and Latin during the Middle Ages

Andrei S. Markovits (Germanic Languages & Literatures, Political Science) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and the Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies), European Politics; Political Ideology; Sports and Politics

Tomoko Masuzawa (Comparative Literature/History), Modern European intellectual history (19th century); discourses on religion; history of human sciences; psychoanalysis

Peggy McCracken  (Romance Language & Literatures / Women's Studies / Comparative Literature) (Domna C. Stanton Collegiate Professor of French, Women's Studies and Comparative Literature), Medieval French and Occitan Literature, Gender and Sexuality, Women's Studies; romance narratives as well as on medieval theatre, poetry, chansons de geste, and medical and theological discourses

Cristina Moreiras-Menor (Romance Languages & Literatures), Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Film, Psychoanalysis, Cultural and Political Theory, and Women's Studies

Brian  Porter-Szűcs (History), Religion, East European studies, Modern Europe, Polish History, Polish Catholicism, History of Roman Catholicism, Religious Studies, History of Religion, History of Christianity, Poland, History of History

Endi Poskovic (Art & Design), printmaking

Cindy A. Schipani (Business Law, Ross Business School) (Merwin H. Waterman Collegiate Professor of Business Administration), corporate governance

Elizabeth  Sears (History of Art) (George H. Forsyth Junior Collegiate Professor of History of Art), European representational arts from the eighth through the fourteenth century; historiography

Matthew Shapiro (Economics) (Lawrence R. Klein Collegiate Professor of Economics), Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Financial Economics; Economics of Aging; Survey research

Susan Siegfried (History of Art, Women's Studies) (Denise Riley Collegiate Professor of the History of Art and Women's Studies), 18th- and 19th-Century European Art; Thematisation of gender, social spaces for viewing art, and theoretical models of interpretation

Patricia Simons (History of Art, Women's Studies), Renaissance and Baroque Europe, with some interest in intersections with Islamic cultures; Gender and sexuality studies; Materiality and material culture

Margaret R Somers (History, Sociology), Culture and Knowledge; Economic Sociology and Organizations; Gender and Sexuality; Power, History and Social Change

Scott Spector (Germanic Languages & Literatures, History, Judaic Studies), Modern Central European cultural history, nationality and culture in Prague, modern German-Jewish culture and history

Louise K. Stein (Musicology, School of Music, Theatre, & Dance), European, Spanish, and colonial Latin American music of the late Renaissance and baroque eras, with particular emphasis on theater music and opera

Linda Tesar (Economics), International Finance, International Trade, Macroeconomics

George  Tsebelis (Political Science), (Anatol Rapoport Collegiate Professor of Political Science), Comparative Government and Politics, Political Economy, Formal Modeling

Johannes von Moltke (Germanic Languages & Literatures / Screen Arts & Cultures), 20th- and 21st-century film, literature, and culture; Critical Theory; film theory; German film history.

Steven M. Whiting (Musicology, School of Music, Theatre, & Dance), history of European art music from the late 18th to early 20th centuries; history of American musical theater

Associate Professors

Tatjana Aleksić (Slavic Languages and Literatures/Comparative Literature), Contemporary Balkan literature (with an emphasis on SerbianTobin Siebers and Modern Greek fiction), Balkan film, nationalism, postcolonialism

Frederick Amrine (Germanic Languages & Literatures) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Age of Goethe, Philosophy, Literature and Science

Pamela Ballinger (History) (Fred Cuny Professorship in the History of International Human Rights), 20th-C southern Europe; Human rights, refugees and displacement, memory, fascism, seascapes and coastal issues, Italy, Croatia/ex-Yugoslavia

Giorgio Bertellini (Screen Arts & Cultures, Romance Languages & Literatures), Silent film, Italian cinema and media, film historiography, cinema and the visual arts, immigration, stardom, fascism, North American and Eastern European cinema; Intersections of Gender and Racial Culture; Immigration; National Identity and International Film Culture

Scott D. Campbell (Urban Planning, Tauman Collegeof Architecture + Urban Planning), planning theory and history, economic development, sustainable development, regional planning, and research methods

Rita Chin (History), Late Modern Europe, especially post-1945 Germany; comparative European migrations; transnationalism; ethnic minorities; gender; intellectual history

Krisztina Fehérváry (Anthropology), Consumer and material culture, political economy, middle-class culture, built environment, domestic space, body, transformations, film and popular culture, Hungary, postsocialist states

Karen Fournier (Music Theory, School of Music, Theatre & Dance), the role played by women in the British punk movement during its foundation in the mid-1970s

Scott Greer (Health Management and Policy, School of Public Health), Development of European Union health policy and multi-level health policymaking in the UK; health politics in Britain, Spain, and Canada; comparative politics of Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom

Gottfried  Hagen (Near Eastern Studies), Turkish Studies, Islamic Studies

Kai-Uwe Kuhn (Economics), Industrial Organization, Microeconomic theory

Andrei A. Levchenko (Economics), International Economics

Damani  Partridge (Anthropology/Afroamerican and African Studies), Cultural anthropology, race and displacement, citizenship and non-citizens, technologies of exclusion, gender and sexuality, critical visual anthropology, German studies, European studies, anthropology of the state, post-socialism

Paolo Pasquariello (Business) (Finance, Ross Business School), impact of important trading frictions on the process of price formation in domestic and international financial markets (for equity, government and corporate bonds, currency, and real estate)

Derek Vaillant (Communication Studies), International and Comparative Media

Geneviève  Zubrzycki (Sociology), National identity and religion, national mythology, collective memory and the politics of commemorations, and the place of religious symbols in the public sphere

Assistant Professor

Julia Sonnevend (Communication Studies), International and Comparative Media


Natalie Bakopoulos (English Language and Literature)

Thomas Chivens (Anthropology), Anthropology of postsocialism and Eastern Europe, violence and gender, politics of transnational policy transfer, sociology of knowledge, critical geography, Poland

Despina Margomenou (Classical Studies), Prehistoric Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, food storage technologies, ethics of museum and archaeological practices, politics of archaeology in Modern Greece, public archaeology, archaeology as political action

Dennis Pollard (Romance Languages and Literatures), Spanish language instruction

Hartmut Rastalsky (Germanic Languages & Literatures), German language instruction

Peggy Wunderwald-Jensen (Germanic Languages & Literatures), German language instruction

Assistant Research  Professor

Pamela Giustinelli (Institute for Social Research), Decision making under uncertainty, Italian educational choice

Professors Emeriti

John Jackson (Political Science), American Politics, Political Economy

Eric S. Rabkin (English) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Critical Theory, Modern Literature, Computer Technology


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