Japanese Studies Faculty Listing


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Associate Professor Jonathan E. Zwicker (Asian Languages & Cultures), Director

Academics and Requirements


Sadashi Inuzuka (Art & Design)

Shinobu Kitayama (Psychology)

Joseph Lam  (Music, Theater and Dance)

Jersey Liang (Public Health)

Linda Lim (Ross School of Business)

Tomoko Masuzawa (Comparative Literature; History)

Abé Markus Nornes (Screen Arts and Cultures; Asian Languages and Cultures; Art & Design)

Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Jennifer Robertson (Anthropology; History of Art; Women's Studies; Art & Design)

Hitomi Tonomura (History; Women's Studies)

Mark D. West (Law)

Mieko Yoshihama (Social Work)

Associate Professors

Kevin Carr (History of Art; Asian Languages and Cultures)

Pär Cassel (History)

Susan Crowell (Art and Design; Residential College)

Christian de Pee (History)

Paul Dunlap (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Michael Fetters (Medical School)

Fukuoka (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Mary Gallagher (Political Science)

Masahito Jimbo (Medical School)

Joan M. Kee (History of Art)

Leslie Pincus (History)

Erik Santos (Music, Theater and Dance)

Kiyoteru Tsutsui (Sociology)

Jonathan Zwicker (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Assistant Professors

Micah Auerback (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Benjamin Brose  (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Kenneth McElwain (Political Science)

Robert Platt (Art & Design)


Kenji Endo (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Junko Kondo (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Little (Medical School)

Yoshihiro Mochizuki (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Mayumi Oka (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Yoshimi Sakakibara (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Tetsuya Sato (Residential College)

Ayaka Sogabe (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Alan Teo (Medical School)

Satoko Tsuda-Petty (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Masae Yasuda (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Associate Research Scientists

Louis Yen (Kinesiology)


Hiroko Kiyoshi-Teo (Nursing)

Karl Rew (Medical School)

Professors Emeriti

Ruth Campbell (Political Science)

Gunter Dufey (Ross School of Business)

Roger Hackett (History)

Ken Ito (Asian Languages and Cultures)

William Malm (Music, Theater and Dance)

Gayl D. Ness (Sociology)

Yuzuru Takeshita (Public Health)

Vern Terpstra (Ross School of Business)

SeonAe Yeo (Nursing; Medical School)

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