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Professor Robin M. Queen, Chair (7/1/4-6/30/17)

Academics and Requirements


Marlyse Baptista, morpho-syntax interface in pidgin and Creole languages, combining corpus data with the use of theoretical, descriptive and technological tools; how Creole languages inform linguistic theory and to what extent linguistic theory, in turn, informs Creole grammatical systems

William Baxter (ALC/Linguistics), Chinese linguistics, historical phonology, semantics, Montague Grammar

Patrice Beddor (John C. Catford Collegiate Professor of Linguistics), phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics (speech perception)

Julie E. Boland (Linguistics/Psychology), psycholinguistics, sentence comprehension and parsing, lexical representation

Anne Curzan (English/Linguistics) (Arthur F Thurnau Professor) , History of English language, pedagogy and composition

Madhav Deshpande, Sanskrit, Prakrit and Pali, linguistic traditions of Indian grammarians

San Duanmu, phonology, phonology-syntax interface, Chinese dialects, phonetics, morphology

Steven Dworkin (RLL/Linguistics), historical linguistics, diachronic Romance, etymology, lexicology, morphology

Nick Ellis (Psychology/Linguistics), second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, applied cognitive psychology

Samuel Epstein (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), syntax, first and second language acquisition

Diane Larsen-Freeman (Education/Linguistics), applied linguistics, English as a second language

Jeffrey Heath, historical linguistics, morphology, Arabic, linguistic anthropolog

Deborah Keller-Cohen (Linguistics/Women's Studies), discourse, literacy, language and gender, conversational analysis

Richard L. Lewis (Psychology/EECS/Linguistics), computational modeling, psycholinguistics, sentence processing, cognitive architectures, unified theories of cognition

Acrisio M. Pires, syntax, syntactic theory, comparative syntax, first and second language acquisition, language change

Robin M. Queen (Arthur F Thurnau Professor), sociolinguistics, intonation, language contact, language and gender, Germanic linguistics

Dragomir R. Radev (SI/EECS/Linguistics), Natural language processing, Information retrieval, Computational linguistics

Richmond Thomason (Philosophy/EECS/Linguistics), semantics, philosophy of language, computational linguistics

Sarah G. Thomason (William J. Gedney Collegiate Professor of Linguistics), historical linguistics, languages in contact, pidgins & creoles, typological universals, Native American linguistics (especially Salishan)

Associate Professors

Steven Abney, computational linguistics, syntactic theory, language learning

Adries Coetzee, Phonological theory, phonology-phonetics interface, psycholinguistics (phonological processing)

Benjamin Fortson, historical linguistics, Indo-European linguistics

Barbra Meek (Anthropology/Linguistics), Child language socialization and acquisition, endangered and/or dormant language issues, linguistic theory and Athabaskan linguistics

Carmel O'Shannessy , sociolinguistics, language acquisition, Australian Languages  

Thomas Toon (English/Linguistics), historical linguistics, old Germanic languages and dialects, paleography

Assistant Professor

Ezra Keshet, semantics, syntax/semantics interface, computational linguistics



Paula Berwanger, American Sign Language

Elaine McNulty, syntactic theory


Professors Emeriti

Robbins Burling,

Alexander Guiora,

Peter E. Hook, syntax-semantics interface, typology, Indo-Aryan languages, semantics, sociolinguistics

John Lawler, cognitive grammar, semantics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics

Lesley Milroy (Hans Kurath Collegiate Professor of Linguistics), sociolinguistics, discourse, bilingualism, conversation analysis, dialectology

Joan Morley, English phonetics and pronunciation, oral comprehension and public speaking

Larry Selinker

Marilyn Shatz, first language acquisition, discourse

Vitaly Shevoroshkin, historical linguistics, distant relatedness of languages, Anatolian, phonetics, semantics, typology

John Swales, English for specific purposes, discourse, second language acquisition

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