Effective Winter 2016

May be elected as a departmental major

The Undergraduate Anthropology Program emphasizes the commitment of this department to four-field anthropology, providing exposure to Anthropological Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Sociocultural Anthropology. This holistic approach serves Anthropology's intellectual goal to achieve a comprehensive and comparative understanding of humanity. An undergraduate major in Anthropology contributes to a liberal arts education, offering a disciplined awareness of human behavior and social institutions in different times and places.

Prerequisites to the Major

None, but ANTHRCUL 101 is recommended.

Requirements for the Major

 At least 34 credits at the 200-level or above are required:

Choose at least one course in each of the following subfields

  1. Anthropological Archaeology:
    • ANTHRARC 282 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology (4)
    • ANTHRARC 386 Early Civilizations
  2. Biological Anthropology:
    • ANTHRBIO 201 Introduction to Biological Anthropology (4) 
  3. Linguistic Anthropology:
    • ANTHRCUL 272, Language in Society (4)
    • ANTHRCUL 374 Language and Culture (4)
  4. Sociocultural Anthropology:
    • ANTHRCUL 222 The Comparative Studies of Culture (4)
    • ANTHRCUL 226 Introduction to Historical Anthropology (4)
    • ANTHRCUL 230 Fundamentals of Social Theory (4)
    • ANTHRCUL 330 Culture, Thought, and Meaning (4)

The remaining credits are taken in the subfield of your choice with a  minimum of five courses at the 300-level or above, at least one of which must be at the 400-level. 

At least 20 credits must be completed in residence at the University of Michigan.

A maximum of 6 credits of independent research can be counted toward the major.

Honors Plan

Students interested in scholarly research are encouraged to consider the Honors plan. Previous participation in the College Honors program is not a prerequisite. Seniors admitted to the Honors plan normally elect a seminar in their special field of interest: biological anthropology (ANTHRBIO 398), archaeology (ANTHRARC 398) or sociocultural or linguistic anthropology (ANTHRCUL 398). The seminars give students an opportunity for intensive training and research experience; the Honors plan requires a senior thesis. Interested students should consult an Anthropology advisor for more information.

Teaching Certificate

Students interested in obtaining a secondary teaching certificate with a teaching minor in Anthropology should consult the "Teacher Certification Program" on the LSA website and the School of Education Office of Academic Services.



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