The minor in Biological Anthropology allows students with interests in evolutionary biology or medicine to add an anthropological perspective to their studies. Many students are interested in specific topics covered by Biological Anthropology, such as Human Evolution, the Evolution of Human Behavior, Primatology, Nutrition and Adaptation, Human Genetics, etc. Thus, a minor in biological anthropology offers several "tracks" to students depending on their interests.


An academic minor in Biological Anthropology is not open to students with any major or any other minor in the department of Anthropology.

Prerequisites to the Minor


Academic Minor Program

At least five courses (no fewer than16 credits), to be chosen from the following categories as stated:

  1. ANTHRBIO 161.
  2. At least four upper-level courses in ANTHRBIO, chosen in consultation with an advisor, one of which must be at the 400-level or above.

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