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Not a major program

Architectural education at the University of Michigan prepares students to participate actively in the design of buildings and the physical environment. To effect change, an architect must understand the nature of the human problem in its environmental context, have knowledge of the techniques and technology of building, and possess the intellectual and aesthetic skills necessary for a creative synthesis of that information into meaningful and expressive design solutions.

A pre-professional program exists for student who enter LSA and then plan to transfer to the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Joint degree programs with LSA provide opportunities for students whose educational goals include :

Pre-Architecture Advising

The architecture program provides academic advising to current students at the University of Michigan and those enrolled at other colleges wishing to transfer into the undergraduate program. Students enrolled at U-M are encouraged to discuss their academic plans with both their current academic advisor (through their home department) and with a Taubman College Student Services Representative. You can schedule a visit online, email, or call (734) 615-0431. Appointments are held Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. All appointments are held at the Art and Architecture Building (Room 2150) on north campus and should be scheduled three business days in advance of desired meeting time. Please take bus/driving time into consideration when scheduling your appointment time. Those students with pre-scheduled appointments will be served first.


Courses for non-majors

All students are welcome to take our pre-arch courses: ARCH 201, 202, 211, 212, 218, 313, 323, 357 and 423. Please see below for Area Distribution Credit.

Pre-Architecture Courses

A series of courses is offered at the undergraduate level at the University of Michigan designed specifically for students considering entering the Architecture Program their junior year. ARCH 211 introduces students to digital design tools and drawing and image manipulation software. ARCH 212 provides a general view and understanding of the profession and discipline of architecture. This course examines visual, cultural, historical, and philosophical aspects of the man-made environment. ARCH 313 and 323 are a two-part course series surveying the history of Architecture from antiquity to the present. Studio courses ARCH 201, ARCH 202, and ARCH 218 provide students with drawing and visual design skills primarily used in architecture and related fields.

Area Distribution Credit

Humanities (HU)

The following course has Humanities distribution designation (Credits are counted as LSA courses):

  • ARCH 213 / HISTART 213. Architecture and Modernity. (4). (HU).
  • ARCH 357/UP 357. Architecture, Sustainability and the City: Ideas, Forces and People that have Shaped the Built Environment. (3). (HU). 
  • UP 357/ARCH 357. Architecture, Sustainability and the City: Ideas, Forces and People that have Shaped the Built Environment. (3). (HU). 

Natural Science (NS)

The following course has NS distribution designation (Credits are counted as LSA courses):

  • UP 263 / ENVIRON 263 / RCNSCI 263. Energy and the Environment. (4). (NS).

Creative Expression (CE)

The following courses have Creative Expression distribution designation (Credits are counted as Non-LSA): 

  • ARCH 201. Basic Drawing. (3). (CE). (non-LSA credit).
  • ARCH 202. Graphic Commun. (3). (CE). (non-LSA credit).
  • ARCH 218. Visual Studies. (3). (CE). (non-LSA credit).

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