Students admitted to the Minor in Business should continue to meet regularly with academic advisors and career counselors in their home schools. Information sessions on the minor and the application process will be available for prospective minor applicants each  term. Once accepted into the minor, Ross advisors are available by appointment to review and develop plans to complete the Minor in Business and to verify completion of the Minor in Business. The Ross Academic Advising Director will communicate with LSA to officially coordinate the notation of the Minor in Business on student records.

Because admissions decisions will be made in July, after registration for the Fall term has occurred, students applying to the Minor in Business are advised to enroll in a full schedule of courses during the regular registration timeline. Students should select coursework in consultation with their home school academic advisors that will match both their degree requirements and interests.

During the regular Fall registration process, students may choose to enroll in Ross courses for which they meet prerequisites without being admitted to the minor. Those students who have applied to the minor will likely want to consider enrolling in one or more Ross classes prior to final decisions on minor admission. Students who are later admitted to the minor may want to make some adjustments to their schedules in July, if necessary, but will likely not need to make widespread changes to their course schedules. Students who are not admitted to the minor, but who have registered for Ross courses may still choose to complete business courses through Ross to align with their interests, so will also not need to make schedule adjustments during the summer, unless desired.

For more information visit, or contact the Ross School of Business Office of Undergraduate Admissions  at

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