Special Departmental Policies
(effective Fall 2015)

The department strongly recommends that a student earn a grade of at least C– in all CHEM courses and mathematics, physics, and biology courses that are prerequisite for subsequent elections. A major program grade point average of at least 2.0 is required; this includes chemistry courses, mathematics, physics, and biology prerequisites, and advanced electives that are part of a major plan. Prerequisites must be taken for a grade. Students must request any change in a chemistry course grade within the first fifteen University Business days of the first full term following the term in which the disputed grade was issued. 

[This change is for all of our majors which include Chemistry BSChem, Biochemistry, Biomolecular Science, Chemical Science and Interdisciplinary Chemical Sciences and our minors Biochemistry, Chemical Measurement, Chemical Physics, Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry.]

Prior policy


The Career Center's Career Guide for Chemistry

Each Career Guide highlights curriculum requirements, as well as skills and abilities that may be developed and applied through each course of study. To complement the academic information, a range of interesting occupational opportunities are listed as a starting point for considering how academic experiences may translate to professional work settings. The Career Guide series represents a collaborative effort between The Career Center and numerous academic units.

Chemistry Advising

Students develop a plan for the major in consultation with a program advisor. Those interested in a B.S. degree with a major in Chemical Science (120 credits) or the specialized program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (124 credits) are urged to consult a program advisor during the freshman and/or sophomore years. Prospective majors are advised that further study in chemistry requires adequate performance in early chemistry courses (preferably B- or better) as well as in the mathematics and physics prerequisites. Students interested in an Honors degree should see the Chemistry Honors advisor. Appointments are scheduled online at www.lsa.umich.edu/chem/undergraduate/advising. Students interested in the joint program with the College of Engineering should make an appointment with John Stratman [Academic Advising Center, 1255 Angell Hall, 734.764.0332] and then make an appointment to see a chemistry department advisor online.



Chemistry department undergraduate programs

The curriculum serves those preparing for careers in chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, chemical engineering, pharmacy, and allied fields as well as those seeking a general knowledge of chemistry/biochemistry...

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