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Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science

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The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science is an institute co-sponsored  by the Departments of Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, and supervised by the Cognitive Science Executive Committee.


Special  Policies  

Cognitive Science majors must earn a grade of at least C in all courses taken to satisfy the requirements of the major (including the major gateway/prerequisite course, COGSCI 200). [Effective Fall 2016]

Distribution. Students in the Cognitive Science major may count introductory courses in PSYCH, LING, PHIL, ECON, EECS toward their College Area Distribution requirement, although these introductory courses cannot simultaneously count as core courses in the major. COGSCI 200 will not count toward distribution for Cognitive Science majors.  

Double Majoring. Cognitive Science majors may double major in BCN, Linguistics, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Psychology, or other fields. However, to ensure that these students have devoted significant, independent effort to each major, only three courses can be counted toward both majors.


Cognitive Science Advising

A three-tier advising system exists.

  • Peer advisors (Tier 1) will help majors select a major track, identify courses that suit their interests, and plan course schedules.
  • Students will meet with advisors in the major (student services staff; Tier 2) when declaring, making course substitutions, discussing transfer/study abroad credit evaluations, preparing major release forms, and more.
  • Students will meet with faculty advisors (Tier 3) for more detailed discussions about their undergraduate preparation, graduate school, and research opportunities (including possible post-graduate training opportunities). Faculty advisors are faculty in Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology.


Although all tracks are interdisciplinary, each has a particularly heavy concentration of courses in one of the sponsoring units, and advisors for a given track will be primarily selected from that unit:

Advising appointments can be made at: or by contacting

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