Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty Listing

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Professor Chris Poulsen, Chair (7/1/14-6/30/17)
Professor Peter van Keken, Associate Chair for Curriculum 
Associate Professor Marin Clark, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies

Academics and Requirements


G. Allen Burton, Aquatic ecosystem stressors, ecological risk assessment

Tomasz R. Baumiller, Paleontology, biomechanics

Udo Becker, Mineralogy, mineral surface chemistry, computational mineralogy

Joel D. Blum (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; John D. MacArthur Professor of Geological Sciences), Isotope geochemistry, environmental geochemistry, hydrogeochemistry

Mary Anne Carroll, Atmospheric chemistry and atmosphere-biosphere interactions

M. Clara Castro, Hydrogeology, noble gas geochemistry

Daniel C. Fisher (Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology), Invertebrate paleontology, evolutionary functional morphology

Philip D. Gingerich (Ermine Cowles Case Collegiate Professor of Paleontology), Vertebrate paleontology and mammalian evolution

Rebecca Lange, Igneous petrology, volcanology

Kyger T Lohmann, Sedimentology, trace element and isotope geochemistry

Chris Poulsen, Paleoclimate, paleoceanography, and climate modeling

Jeroen Ritsema (Henry Pollack Endowed Professor of Geological Sciences), Global geophysics and earthquake seismology

Larry J. Ruff, Geophysics, seismology

Ben A. van der Pluijm (Bruce R. Clark Collegiate Professor of Geology), Structural geology

Rob Van der Voo (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor; Frank H.T. Rhodes Collegiate Professor of Geological Sciences), Geophysics, paleomagnetism and its application to pre-Mesozoic plate tectonics

Peter van Keken, Geophysics, geodynamics

Donald Zak (Burton V. Barnes Collegiate Professor), Microbial ecology and ecosystem ecology

Youxue Zhang (James R. O'Neill Collegiate Professor of Geological Sciences), Mineral physics, chemical thermodynamic

Associate Professors

Robyn J. Burnham, Paleobotany

Marin K. Clark, Geomorphology, tectonics and crustal dynamics

Gregory Dick, Geomicrobiology, marine microbiology and oceanography

Ingrid L. Hendy, Oceanography, paleoclimatology, micropaleontology, marine geochemistry

Jie (Jackie) Li, Mineral physics, experimental geochemistry, Earth and planetary interiors

Nathan A. Niemi, Neotectonics and structural geology

Nathan Sheldon, Paleoclimatology, global change, and biosphere-climate interactions

Adam C. Simon, Economic Geology, Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry

Allison L. Steiner, Biosphere-atmosphere interactions, Regional climate modeling, Chemistry-climate interactions

Jeffrey A. Wilson, Paleontology

Assistant Professors

Sarah Aciego, Glaciochemistry, geochronology, chemical weathering and global change

Brian Arbic, Physical oceanography, ocean and solid earth tides, oceanic turbulence, numerical modeling

Jermey Bassis, Glaciology and climate change

Rose M. Cory, Aquatic geochemistry, photochemistry, organic geochemistry

Mark Flanner, Cryosphere-climate interaction and feedback

Eric Hetland, Lithospheric dynamics and crustal mechanics

Selena Smith, Plant systematics and anatomy, paleobotany, taphonomy, role of plants in ancient environments

Research Professor

Jeffery C. Alt, Water-rock interaction and hydrothermal geochemistry

Research Scientist

Catherine Badgley, Vertebrate paleontology

Associate Research Scientists

James Gleason, Oceanography

Chris M. Hall, Isotope and noble gas geochemistry, argon geochronology

Shaopeng Huang, Geophysics, paleoclimatology

Gordon Moore, High P-T experimental petrology, igneous petrology, volcanology

Assistant Research Scientists

Anja Schleicher, Clay mineralogy and structural geology

Fuxiang Zhang, High-pressure mineralogy and materials science

Visiting Professor

John W. Geissman (University of Texas at Dallas), Geophysics, paleomagnetism  
[ Camp Davis course EARTH 440 - Geology Field Course ]

Visiting Associate Professor

Brian Kennedy (University of Idaho), Aquatic ecology   
[ Camp Davis course EARTH 341 - Ecosystem Science in the Rockies ]

Professors Emeriti of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Rodney C. Ewing (Edward H. Kraus Distinguished University Professor), Mineralogy, materials science and nuclear materials

Robert M. Owen (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Marine and lacustrine geology and geochemistry

Professors Emeriti of Geological Sciences

Charles B. Beck, Paleontology

William C. Kelly

Stephen E. Kesler, Economic geology, exploration geology and geochemistry, environmental geochemistry

Philip A. Meyers, Organic geochemistry, paleoceanography, paleolimnology

Theodore C. Moore, Oceanography, Great Lakes geology, paleoclimatology

Samuel B. Mukasa (Eric J. Essene Collegiate Professor of Geological Sciences), Igneous petrology, isotope geochemistry

James R. O'Neil, Isotope geochemistry

Samuel I. Outcalt, Permafrost and physical geography

Donald R. Peacor, Mineralogy, crystallographic studies of minerals, clay diagenesis

Henry N. Pollack, Geophysics, terrestrial heat flow, tectonic evolution of the earth

David K. Rea, Marine geology, oceanography, sedimentology, paleoclimatology

Gerald R. Smith, Paleontology, numerical taxonomy, ecological biogeography, biostratigraphy of fishes

James C.G. Walker (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Biogeochemical cycles, atmospheric evolution

Lynn M. Walter, Geochemistry of natural waters, experimental low-temperature geochemistry

Bruce H. Wilkinson, Sedimentary geology, ancient lacustrine and marine carbonates

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