Effective Winter 2012  (updates to course list)

A minor in Earth Sciences is not open to students with any major or any other minor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The Earth Sciences minor is designed to give students a broad introduction to geology, oceanography and related sciences. It allows a wide selection of courses to suit both general and specific interests. The Earth Sciences  minor would be particularly suitable for non-science majors, such as pre-law, business, economics, history, and English.

Prerequisites to the Minor


Requirements for the Minor

 At least 15 credits of courses, to be chosen from the following three categories as stated: 

  1. One introductory Geology course must be taken from one of the following two groups: 
    • Group 1. Courses with laboratory: EARTH 116, 118&119, 120, 201, 222&223. 
    • Group 2. Courses without laboratory (EARTH 119, 125, 135, 175, 205+206, 284) 
  2. One General Interest course. Up to four additional credits may be elected from  200-level and up courses in Earth and Environmental Sciences, including 200-level courses listed in Category 1 (above). 
  3. Upper-level Electives: The remainder of the credits for the minor must be elected from 300- and 400-level courses in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

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