Effective Fall 2014

Not open to students electing the minor in Earth Sciences.

The Environmental Geology minor is designed to give students a broad introduction to processes shaping the Earth's surface, its physical and biochemical environment, and potential response to anthropogenic influences. Because society and the Earth's surface environment are intimately linked, students with interests in  pre-law or majors such as business, economics, history, and English may find the minor in Environmental Geology an attractive complement to their training. As well, students concentrating in other areas of the Natural Sciences may find the minor in Environmental Geology a way to diversify their background and apply fundamental scientific principles in an interdisciplinary way. Note that by LSA rules, only one course may be elected in common to a minor and a major.

Prerequisites to the Minor


Academic Minor Program

At least 15 credits of courses, to be chosen from the following three categories as stated:

  1.  One introductory Geology course must be taken from one of the following two groups:
    • Group 1. Courses with laboratory: EARTH 116, 118&119, 120, 201.
    • Group 2. Courses without laboratory (EARTH 119, 135, 205&206).
  2.  Core courses: EARTH 284 and 380 are required.
  3. Elective courses: EARTH 325, 442, 444, 450 (or 341 prior to Spring 2014), 477, 478, or permission of advisor.

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