EEB Major Approved Electives (through Fall 2013)

Currently approved elective courses for the EEB major from other units (Through Fall 2013)


ANTHRBIO 365 Human Evolution

ANTHRBIO 368 Primate Social Behavior I


Any course number CHEM 230 or above.

Complex Systems

CMPLXSYS 501 Introduction to Complex Systems

CMPLXSYS 530 Computer Modeling of Complex Systems


ENVIRON 310 Toxicology: The Study of Environmental Chemicals and Disease

ENVIRON 311 Lakes, Rivers and Wetlands (Also taught at UMBS)

ENVIRON 315 The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases

ENVIRON 317 Conservation of Biological Diversity

ENVIRON 341 Environmental Science in the Rockies

ENVIRON 348 Forest Ecosystems

ENVIRON 409 Ecology of Fishes

ENVIRON 411 Fluvial Ecosystems

ENVIRON 415 Behavioral Ecology and Conservation Biology

ENVIRON 416 Field Skills in Wildlife Behavior

ENVIRON 418 Biology and Management Of Insects

ENVIRON 419 Agricultural/Forest Pest Management

ENVIRON 422/423 Biology of Fishes

ENVIRON 425 Applied Population Ecology

ENVIRON 430 Soil Ecology

ENVIRON 433 Ornithology

ENVIRON 436 Woody Plants I: Biology and Identification

ENVIRON 441 Remote Sensing of Environment

ENVIRON 451 Biology of Mammals

ENVIRON 453 Tropical Conservation and Resource Management

ENVIRON 476 Ecosystem Ecology

Earth and Environmental Science

EARTH 320 Earth Systems Evolution

EARTH 341 Environmental Science in the Rockies

EARTH 418 Paleontology

EARTH 436 Field studies in Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Sedimentology

EARTH 437 Evolution of Vertebrates

EARTH 438 Evolution of the Primates


Courses numbered above MATH 186.

Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology

All MCDB courses.


Courses approved in advance by the department advisor


PSYCH 338 Primate Social Behavior I

PSYCH 435 Biological Rhythms and Behavior

PSYCH 438 Hormones and Behavior

PSYCH 530 Advanced Topics in Evolutionary Comparative Psychology


STATS 250 (or 350) Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

STATS 400 Applied Statistical Methods

College of Engineering

AOSS 304 The Atmospheric and Oceanic Environment

AOSS 320 Earth Systems Evolution

BIOMEDE 231 Introduction to Biomechanics

ENSCEN 304 The Atmospheric and Oceanic Environment

Medical School

HUMGEN 541 Gene Structure and Regulation

School of Public Health

EHS 311 Naturally Occurring Biological Toxins

EPID 543 Virus Diseases

EPID 560 Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenesis

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