English concentration (Fall 2008-Summer 2011)

May be elected as a departmental concentration program

effective Fall 2008 through Summer 2011 

The following paragraphs describe typical patterns of study in the department and indicate the various ways in which a student can, with much opportunity for individual initiative, form a challenging and rewarding concentration within it.

Prerequisites to Concentration. Students who wish to concentrate in English must take as prerequisite two courses, ENGLISH 297 (Introduction to Poetry) and ENGLISH 298 (Introduction to Literary Studies).

Degree Program Options. The Department of English Language and Literature offers three main routes toward the concentration: (1) the General Program; (2) the Honors Program; and (3) the Creative Writing Program. Students electing any of these may work simultaneously toward a secondary school teaching certificate. Students within the General Program are strongly encouraged to select three upper-division courses within one of the  optional areas of specialization below (or one designed by a student and an advisor). Possible areas of specialization are:

  • Medieval Literature in English (Pre-1600)
  • Early Modern (c.1500-1700),
  • The Long Eighteenth Century (late 17thc. through early 19thc.),
  • Nineteenth Century (through Modernism),
  • Twentieth and Twenty-First Century (Modernism through Contemporary),
  • Literatures of the Americas,
  • World Literatures in English,
  • Literary Criticism and Theory,
  • Genre Studies,
  • Studies in Race & Ethnicity,
  • Sexuality/Gender Studies,
  • Drama and Performance Studies,
  • Language, Writing, and Rhetoric.

Students must complete a course with a grade of C- or better to have it count toward the concentration requirements.

Teaching Certificate. English concentrators in any of the programs above may also apply to be granted a teaching certificate. Students in the General Program must elect, in addition to the pattern of courses there prescribed, a course in composition (normally SWC 300 or 430) and a course in English language (ENGLISH 305, 308, or 406). Honors candidates must elect ENGLISH 305 in addition to the courses required for their program.

The general requirements for a teaching certificate are described elsewhere in this Bulletin, and are available from the School of Education Teacher Education Office, 1228 School of Education Building. A brochure summarizing these requirements is available in the English Office. Application to the certificate program itself must be made through the School of Education. The deadline is January 15 for the following academic term. Please check their website:





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