English Language Institute Faculty Listing


Marianne Bailey

Pamela Bogart, GSI training, pronunciation, teacher education, intercultural communication, instructional technology

Deborah Des Jardins, academic writing and oral communication and migrant education

Judy Dyer, applied linguistics, undergraduate writing and teacher education

Christine Feak, EAP writing materials development, teaching writing skills, research on writing

Brenda Imber, GSI training, cross-cultural and socio-professional communication, pronunciation

Melinda Matice, pronunciation, academic writing and speaking, and teacher education

Bradley Pingel

Tarey Reilly, writing and presentation skills, intercultural communication, and teach training

Theresa Rohlck, speaking, listening, and interacting skills, GSI training, ESL materials development


Professors Emeriti

Joan Morley, English phonetics and pronunciation, oral comprehension and public speaking

John Swales, Language across the curriculum, discourse and genre analysis, English for academic purposes

Research Scientist Emerita

Diane Larsen-Freeman (Education and Linguistics), second language acquisition, language teacher education, English linguistics and language methodology


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