Gregg Crane (English Language and Literature / Environment), American literary and intellectual history, environmental literature; importance of intuition to a collection of literary, philosophical, legal, and environmental writers

Philip Deloria (Richard Hudson Research Professor of History; Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Collegiate Professor of History and American Culture), cultural history

Rita Loch-Caruso (Environment, Environmental Health Sciences), toxicology, female reproductive toxicology:  mechanisms of toxicity related to adverse pregnancy outcomes such as premature birth

Richard Norton (Urban Planning / Environment), sustainable development, land use and environmental planning, and planning law; Intergovernmental Growth Management; Coastal Area Resource Management

Barry Rabe (Environment; Public Policy; Natural Resources & Environment), Organizational theory, corporate sustainability, organizational change, and social movements; state and regional development of policies to reduce greenhouse gases; nuclear and hazardous waste management, cross-border and cross-media transfer of pollutants in federal regulatory systems, and the conditions necessary to achieve intergovernmental cooperation in the implementation of federal grant and regulatory programs

Jeremy Semrau (Environment; Civil & Environmental Engineering)  (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor). Bioremediation strategies

Ben Van der Pluijm (BR Clark Collegiate Professor of Geology) (Environment; Earth and Environmental Sciences), Tectonics and Structural Geology, dealing with the deformation of Earth’s lithosphere on scales ranging from microscope to continent

Michaela Zint (Education; Environment; Natural Resources & Environment), environmental education

Associate Professor

Dorceta E. Taylor (Natural Resources & Environment / Program in the Environment), urban agriculture, food access, and food insecurity; institutional diversity; green jobs; social movement analysis; environmental justice; leisure and natural resource use; poverty; and race, gender, and ethnic relations

Assistant Professors

Sol Hart (Environment, Communication Studies), Heath and the Media; Media and the Environment; The News Media; risk communication related to environmental, science, and risk issues;

Robin Meeks (Natural Resources and Environment), Environmental and Development Economics and Policy

Sara Soderstrom (Organizational Studies / Environment), Organizational theory, corporate sustainability, organizational change, and social movements


Anne Axel (English, Environment)

Sally Churchill

Philip D'Anieri (Environment, Urban Planning)

Jason Duvall

Marc Gaden

Bridget Guarasci

Nardia Haigh

Julie Halpert

Virginia Murphy (Environment, Residential College)

Irving Salmeen

Michael Shriberg

Selena Smith

Keith Taylor (English)

Richard Tucker

Adjunct Professor

James Breck

Professors Emeriti

Robert Owen (Environment; Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Paul W. Webb (School of Natural Resources & Environment / Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Environment), Physiological Ecology and Bioenergetics of Animals


Faculty Associates


Arun Agrawal (Natural Resources and Environment)

J. David Allan (Natural Resources and Environment)

Stuart Batterman (Environmental Health Sciences; Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Rosina Bierbaum (Natural Resources and Environment)

Joel Blum (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Daniel Brown (Natural Resources and Environment)

Bunyan Bryant (Natural Resources and Environment; Urban Planning)

G. Allen Burton (Natural Resources and Environment)

Margaret Dewar (Urban Planning)

James Diana (Natural Resources and Environment)

Rodney Ewing (Earth and Environmental Sciences; Material Science and Engineering; Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences)

Thomas Fricke (Anthropology)

Thomas Gladwin (Business Administration; Natural Resources and Environment)

Deborah Goldberg (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Robert Grese (Natural Resources and Environment)

Andrew Hoffman (Business Administration; Natural Resources and Environment)

Greg Keoleian (Civil and Environmental Engineering; Natural Resources and Environment)

Stuart Kirsch (Anthropology)

George Kling (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Maria Carmen de Mellio Lemos (Natural Resources and Environment)

Nina Mendelson (Law)

Paul Mohai (Natural Resources and Environment)

Michael Moore (Natural Resources and Environment)

Knute Nadelhoffer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Edward Parson (Law, Natural Resources and Environment)

Ivette Perfecto (Natural Resources and Environment)

Perry Samson (Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science)

Donald Scavia (Civil and Environmental Engineering; Natural Resources and Environment)

Carl Simon (Economics; Mathematics; Public Policy)

David Uhlmann (Law)

John Vandermeer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Natural Resources and Environment)

Rob Van Der Voo (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Michael J. Wiley (Natural Resources and Environment)

Steven Wright (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Donald R. Zak (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Natural Resources and Environment)

Associate Professors

Robyn Burnham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Earth and Environmental Sciences)

M. Clara Castro (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Aline Cotel (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

William Currie (Natural Resources and Environment)

Raymond De Young (Natural Resources and Environment)

Gregory Dick (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Johannes Foufopoulos (Natural Resources and Environment)

Rebecca Hardin (Anthropology; Natural Resources and Environment)

Inés Ibáñez (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; Natural Resources and Environment)

Victoria Johnson (Organizational Studies)Richard Norton (Environment; Urban Planning)

Laura Olsen (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology)

Annette Ostling (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Thomas Princen (Natural Resources and Environment)

Michael Spencer (Social Work)

Dorceta Taylor (Afro-American and African Studies; Natural Resources and Environment)

Joseph Trumpey (Art and Design; Natural Resources and Environment)

Assistant Professors

Catherine Badgley (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Niladri Basu (Environmental Health Sciences)

Marin Clark (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Larissa Larsen (Natural Resources and Environment; Urban Planning)

Shobita Parthasarathy (Public Policy)

Nathan Sheldon (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Chuanwu Xi (Environmental Health Sciences)

Assistant Research Scientists

Sara Ana Adlerstein-Gonzalez (Natural Resources and Environment)

Catherine Riseng (Natural Resources and Environment)

Kenneth Sylvester (History)

Associate Curator

David Michener

Professors Emeriti

Mary Anne Carroll (Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Science; Chemistry; Earth and Environmental Sciences)

Stephen Kesler (Earth and Environmental Sciences)

John Knott (English)

Philip Myers (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Richard Price (Organizational Studies; Psychology)

Paul Rasmussen (Chemistry)

John Romani (Health Management Policy)

James Vincent (Environmental Health Sciences)

Research Scientist Emeritus

David Jude (Natural Resources and Environment)


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