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The Program in the Environment is an undergraduate degree program offered by the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) and the School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE). This collaborative venture includes courses taught by faculty in SNRE as well as courses taught by faculty in various departments of LS&A and in other schools and colleges. The resulting curriculum presents an expanded range of opportunities for students interested in environmental careers. It draws upon SNRE's history as a leader in environmental and natural resource education and LSA's strength in the liberal arts. The program is housed in the Undergraduate Science Building (USB) and many of its classes and activities are held in the renovated Dana Building, the home of SNRE.

The Program in the Environment attempts to ensure basic scientific literacy, familiarity with advanced problem-solving techniques, and an ability to integrate scientific and social scientific approaches in addressing environmental problems. The program emphasizes the natural sciences and social sciences but requires one course in the humanities, broadly construed, in recognition of the importance of humanistic and cultural perspectives in environmental education. It combines breadth, through exposing students to a variety of disciplines and methodological skills, and depth, through requiring a sequence of courses in one of three specialization areas: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Social Sciences, or Culture and Environment. Concentrators are required to spend time off campus in an organized field study or a supervised internship.

Students who complete the concentration in the Environment will earn either a B.S. or an A.B. degree, depending upon their course of study (the B.S. requires 60 credits of courses in science and mathematics). The degree is awarded collaboratively by LSA and SNRE and bears the names of both schools.

Course Lists:

Environmental Social Science/Breadth Social Science

Culture and Environment

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