European Studies Faculty Affiliates


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Professor Karla Mallette (Romance Languages and Literatures; Near Eastern Studies), Director

Academics and Requirements


Abel (Screen Arts & Cultures)

Avi-Yonah (Law)

Binetti (Romance Languages & Literature)

Biro (History of Art)

Boccaccini (Near Eastern Studies, Judaic Studies)

Bright (History, Residential College)

Brusati (History of Art)

Canning (History, Women's Studies, Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Caron (Romance Languages & Literatures, Women's Studies)

Cornish (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Deardorff (Economics)

Dominguez (Economics, Public Policy)

Dworkin (Linguistics, Romance Languages & Literatures)

Eley (History, Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Franzese (Political Science & Institute for Social Research)

García Santo-Tomás (Romance Languages and Literatures),

Gazda (History of Art, Classical Art & Archaeology)

Gerber (Political Science, Public Policy)

Göçek (Sociology)

Goodman (History, Women's Studies)

Gregerson (English)

Grzymala-Busse (Political Science)

Halberstam (Law)

Halperin (Comparative Studies, English, Women's Studies)

Hannoosh (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Hayes (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Hell (Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Herrmann (English, Women's Studies)

Herwitz (History, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Art & Design)

Highfill (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Hoffmann (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Inglehart (Political Science, Institute for Social Research)

Jackson (Political Science)

Kollman (Political Science and Institute for Social Research)

Korsyn (Music, Theatre, & Dance)

Leontis (Classical Studies)

Lambropoulos (Classical Studies, Comparative Literature)

Lay (History of Art)

Mallette (Romance Languages & Literatures, Near Eastern Studies)

Markovits (Germanic Languages & Literatures, Political Science)

McCracken (Comparative Literature, Romance Languages & Literatures, Women's Studies)

T. McDonald (History)

Moreiras-Menor (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Paulson (Romance Languages & Literatures)

Porter-Szűcs (History)

Potter (Classical Studies)

Puff (Germanic Languages & Literatures, History)

Prins (English)

Rabkin (English)

Schipani (Business)

Schoenfeldt (English)

Sears (History of Art)

Shapiro (Economics)

Siebers (English, Art & Design)

Siegfried (History of Art, Women's Studies)

Simons (History of Art, Women's Studies)

Somers (History, Sociology)

Spector (Germanic Languages & Literatures, History)

Sparling (Music, Theatre, & Dance)

Squatriti (History, Romance Languages & Literatures)

Steinmetz (Germanic Languages & Literatures, Sociology)

Tesar (Economics)

Traub (English, Women's Studies)

Tsebelis (Political Science)

Wald (English, American Culture)

Whallon (Anthropology)

Whiting (Music, Theatre, & Dance)

Associate Professors

Agnew (Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Amrine (Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Bastedo (Education)

Bertellini (Screen Arts & Cultures, Romance Languages & Literatures)

Bednar (Political Science and Institute for Social Research)

Campbell (Architecture + Urban Planning)

Carson (History)

Chin (History)

Clej (Comparative Literature, Romance Languages & Literatures)

Cole (History)

Fehérváry (Anthropology)

Gaggio (History)

Greer (Public Health)

Hagen (Near Eastern Studies)

Hecht (History)

Hughes (History)

Israel (History)

Konuk (Comparative Literature, Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Lawrence (Education)

M. MacDonald (History)

Partridge (Anthropology)

Porter (English, Comparative Literature)

Queen (Germanic Languages & Literatures, Linguistics)

Soo (Architecture + Urban Planning)

Vinokur (Social Work)

Von Moltke (Germanic Languages & Literatures, Screen Arts & Cultures)

Weineck (Comparative Literature, Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Zubrzycki (Sociology)

Assistant Professors

Gosman (Music, Theatre, & Dance)

Levchenko (Economics)

Willette (History of Art, Residential College)


Balducci (Residential College)

Belloni (Residential College)

Capek-Habekovic (Italian)

Criso (French)

Eriksson (Swedish)

Federhofer (German)

Goertz (Residential College)

González (Spanish)

Hartmut Rastalsky (German)

Olga López-Cotín (Residential College)

Meyer (French)

Neu (French)

Pollard (Spanish)

Shier (Residential College)

VanValkenburg (German)

Viers (French)

Walsh (Residential College)

Wunderwald-Jensen (German)


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