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Scandinavian countries have made important contributions to Western civilization, from the Sagas of the medieval period to the pioneers of modern drama, Ibsen and Strindberg, the childrens literature of Astrid Lindgren, cinema, design, and other art forms. Scandinavian thinkers have also made crucial contributions to the development of the social welfare state, biotechnology, and engineering. Scandinavian companies such as Nokia, IKEA, and ABB are a major presence in international business, and it is a little-known fact that Sweden invest a higher percentage of it GDP in research than any other country in the world, including the U.S. Sweden is the third-largest exporter of music. According to the United Nations, the Scandinavian countries rank highest in the world in quality of life, and they offer revealing comparisons with other industrial and post-industrial societies. The study of these contributions deserves to be strongly represented at a great research university such as the University of Michigan. We are proud to recall that the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust, was a University of Michigan alumnus.

The Scandinavian program offers courses that take the pan-Scandinavian view in literature, history, culture, society, architecture, and the arts, plus courses that focus in depth on Swedish language and literature. Opportunities to study at the University of Uppsala, as well as Stockholm University, during a semester or  year abroad program and to secure a summer internship in a Scandinavian country further enhance students career options for graduate study, teaching, international business, or non-profit work. Students enrolled in the fourth-term Swedish course have the opportunity to travel to Sweden as a group on a study trip over Spring Break each year.



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