Global Intercultural Experience For Undergraduates (GIEU)

Global Intercultural Experience For Undergraduates (GIEU) expands learning beyond traditional classroom boundaries through intercultural, short-term (3 or 4 week summer) service projects. Small groups of diverse students called GIEU Student Scholars are mentored by U-M faculty members and travel to culturally-rich locations in the U.S. and around the world. Projects benefit local communities and give students the opportunity to work closely with local community members. GIEU emphasizes gaining intercultural skills, and as such, students are matched with field sites after being admitted to the program. Participation involves a year-long commitment, and students receive a paid internship and academic credit. Students apply to the program in early November and are registered for UC 275 or UC 276 (in winter and fall terms) by the instructor following acceptance.


UC 275. Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates

UC 275 is an interdisciplinary experiential introduction to intercultural learning that prepares diverse undergraduate students from various colleges for field experience interactions, and then helps students bring these experiences back to campus in socially and academically productive ways. It is a series of concentrated seminars of orientation, debriefing, and symposium.

UC 276. GIEU Leadership Seminar 

The Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates (GIEU) Leadership Seminar provides leadership training and experience for exceptional students nominated by faculty from those having completed UC 275.

UC 285. Introduction to Intercultural Study

This interdisciplinary experiential course introduces students to intercultural learning. It prepares students to make the most of their off-campus field study opportunities through identifying and setting goals, developing skills for cross-cultural learning and adaptation, and formulating plans to put those skills to good use on site.

UC 286. Reflective Intercultural Study

This interdisciplinary experiential course is designed to assist students involved in intercultural field learning in developing skilled local interactions, identifying new learning and interactive possibilities on site, sharing strategies for handling conflicts, unexpected situations, and misunderstandings, and well as those for capitalizing on local field opportunities. Students learn how to cultivate the documentation and implementation of their own experiential growth and development in intercultural environments.

UC 287. Integrative Intercultural Study

This interdisciplinary course is designed to assist students integrate what they have learned from their intercultural field experiences. It also helps students to build on acquired skills and experiences in academic and co-curricular programs on the Ann Arbor campus and to prepare for future academic, programmatic, and career pursuits.

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