History Departmental Information

History is the study of the past and how we remember it. If it happened, historians deal with it-whether it happened yesterday or five thousand years ago. Far too many people imagine that history is merely the dry memorization of names and dates, but a major in history at the University of Michigan will quickly dispel that myth. If you are interested in people and how they interact with the social and natural world, then you should be interested in history. Our courses cover everything: music, politics, family life, technology, war, gender relations, science, medicine, religion, ideologies, sports, and much, much more. Contrary to yet another popular myth, history is one of the most practical, useful majors that one could select. Our students develop skills in critical thinking, writing, and thoughtful reading. Above all, we help students appreciate every aspect of life as part of a much broader and more complicated context, which not only enriches our students' lives but allows them to become sophisticated decision-makers. It is no surprise that employers, law schools, other professional schools, and graduate programs in a wide variety of fields look so favorably upon history graduates.


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