Medieval and Early Modern Studies Faculty Affiliates


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Academics and Requirements

MEMS Executive Committee

Babayan (Near Eastern Studies and History)
(Romance Languages and Literatures)
Fancy (History)  
Simons (History of Art)


James Borders (School of Music)

Chun-Shu Chang (History)

Alison Cornish (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Anne Curzan (English Language and Literature, School of Education)

Madhav Deshpande (Asian Languages and Literatures, Linguistics)

Lincoln Faller (English Language and Literature)

Bruce Frier (Classical Studies)

Elaine Gazda (Kelsey Museum/Archaeology, History of Art)

Fatma Müge Göçek (Sociology, Women's Studies)

Dena Goodman (History, Women's Studies)

Linda Gregerson (English Language and Literature)

David Hancock (History)

Sharon Herbert (Kelsey Museum/Archaeology, Classical Studies)

Barbara Hodgdon (English Language and Literature, Theatre & Drama)

George Hoffmann (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Sherman Jackson (Near Eastern Studies)

Valerie Kivelson (History)

Alexander Knysh (Near Eastern Studies)

Victor Lieberman (History)

Louis Loeb (Philosophy)

Donald Lopez (Asian Languages and Cultures)

Michael MacDonald (History)

Karla Mallette (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Bruce Mannheim (Anthropology)

William Miller (Law School)

Adela Pinch (English Language and Literature)

Helmut Puff (Germanic Languages & Literatures, History)

Arlene Saxonhouse  (Political Science, Women's Studies)

Michael Schoenfeldt (English Language and Literature)

Tad Schmaltz (Philosophy)

Ruth Scodel (Classical Studies)

Louise Stein (School of Music)

Theresa Tinkle (English Language and Literature)

Hitomi Tonomura (History, Women's Studies)

Raymond Van Dam (History)


Associate Professors

Kathryn Babayan (Near Eastern Studies)

William Baxter III (Asian Languages and Literatures, Linguistics)

Miranda Brown (Asian Languages and Literatures)

Christian de Pee (History)

Basil Dufallo (Classical Studies)

Benjamin Fortson (Classical Studies, Linguistics)

Elliot Ginsburg (Near Eastern Studies)

Gottfried Hagen (Near Eastern Studies)

Stefano Mengozzi (School of Music)

Farina Mir (History)

Steven Mullaney (English Language and Literature)

Rachel Neis (History, Judaic Studies)

Susan Parrish (English Language and Literature)

David Rolston (Asian Languages and Literatures)

Catherine Sanok (English Language and Literature, Women's Studies)

Macklin Smith (English Language and Literature)

Ryan Szpiech (Romance Languages and Literatures)

Karla Taylor (English Language and Literature)

Thomas Toon (English Language and Literature, Linguistics)

Assistant Professors

Hussein Fancy (History)

Madeline Kochen (Law School)


Gina Brandolino (English Language and Literature)

Ton Broos (Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Jonathan Marwil (History)

Cynthia Sowers (Residential College)

Martin Walsh (Residential College)

Professors Emeriti

H.D. Cameron (Classical Studies, Great Books, Museum of Zoology)

Frank Casa (Romance Languages and Literatures)

David Crawford (School of Music)

Edwin Curley (Philosophy)

Thomas A. Green (Law School, History)

Myron Gutmann (ICPSR-Admin, Population Studies Center, History)

Robert Kyes (Germanic Languages & Literatures)

Shuen-fu Lin (Asian Languages and Literatures)

Jeffrey Parsons (Anthropology)

Esperanza Ramirez-Christensen (Asian Languages and Literatures)

James White (Law School)

Ralph Williams (English Language and Literature)

Gernot Windfuhr (Near Eastern Studies)


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