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Academics and Requirements

Steering Committee

Badgley (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Residential College), Brunton (School of Information), Carson (History), Hull (Anthropology), Kirkland (Political Science, Women’s Studies), Stern (Center for the History of Medicine, American Culture)

Faculty Affiliates

Professors: Barald (Program in Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine), Douglas (Communication Studies), Fadlalla (Anthropology, Women's Studies, Afroamerican and African Studies), Hecht (History), Howell (History, Public Health, Medicine), Hunt (History), Inhorn (Public Health, Anthropology), Levine (Architecture + Urban Planning), Lindner (History), Markel (Center for History of Medicine, Medicine, History), Neuman (Communication Studies, Center for Political Studies), Perfecto (SNRE), Owen-Smith (Sociology), Pernick (History), Rabkin (English), Renne (Anthropology, Afroamerican and African Studies), Robertson (Anthropology), Stern (Center for the History of Medicine, American Culture), Vandermeer (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

Associate Professors: Ackerman (School of Information), Anspach (Sociology, Women's Studies), Brown (Asian Languages and Cultures), Carson (History), Edwards (School of Information), Gaggio (History), Hagen (Near Eastern Studies), Hull (Anthropology), Kirkland (Women's Studies/ Political Science), McCullough (Architecture, Art & Design), Parrish (English), Parthasarathy (Public Policy), Vaillant (Communication Studies)

Assistant Professors: Badgley (Residential College, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Museum of Paleontology), Blumenthal (Law School), de la Cruz (History), 

Lecturers and Instructors: Harris (Obstetrics & Gynecology), Hirshbein (Psychiatry), Peters-Golden (Anthropology), Wright (Institute for Research on Women and Gender)

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