Honors in the Liberal Arts (HLA)

Honors in the Liberal Arts (HLA) provides an alternative to the traditional Honors major as a means to earn an Honors degree. The degree is intended for Honors students who have been academically successful during the first and sophomore years and who wish to explore and develop deep interests across major boundaries through especially advanced work primarily outside the major. This work may be elected either in addition to an Honors major or to supplement a non-Honors major. The courses proposed for the HLA must represent areas or aspects of a central theme which span the curricula of several departments or programs. Only one HLA course may come from any of the student's major(s) or minor(s). HLA proposals will reflect the unique academic interests of each individual student. Students who make this choice will graduate with Honors in the Liberal Arts. It is possible for students to complete both Honors in the Liberal Arts and Honors major degrees if they complete a sufficiently rich and challenging curriculum outside the major in the third and fourth years.

Requirements for Honors in the Liberal Arts

  1. Completion of the Honors Program requirements in the first two years: eight (8) Honors courses, including two (2) Texts and Ideas courses.
  2. Submission of a proposal and list of potential courses to the Honors Academic Board before the end of the junior year. Students should consult with an advisor while preparing their proposal.
  3. Five (5) HLA courses, each carrying departmental graduate credit (a minimum of 15 credits), to be selected in consultation with an Honors advisor. Four (4) must come from outside the student's major and minor.
  4. Students will submit a portfolio of work completed in their HLA courses to the Honors Program in the term they plan to graduate. This work will be evaluated by a committee, which will include faculty, to ensure that the academic program is sufficiently rigorous and includes written expression of a caliber that will warrant awarding the HLA.
  5. An overall GPA of 3.5.

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