The Honors Program has established special courses that satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement at Michigan. It is our firm belief that strong writing skills are best achieved by exposure to great works of literature, history, and philosophy, and by exposure to the range of critical approaches to those works.

Except in very rare circumstances, every first-year Honors student must elect one of the following courses in each academic term of the first year: English Advanced Placement will not satisfy the Texts and Ideas requirement.

Fall Term, First Year

CLCIV 101 (Honors section) or GTBOOKS 191 (any section).

The readings for GTBOOKS 191 and CLCIV 101 (Honors section) overlap considerably but they have somewhat different emphases. Both courses stress the writing of essays, and the instructors pay attention to writing techniques and problems.

Winter Term, First Year

CLCIV 102 (Honors section) or GTBOOKS 192 (any section) or an approved alternative.

Prior to the registration period for each term, a list of courses which satisfy the second half of the Texts and Ideas requirement is published on the Honors website and is also available in the Honors office. This list will vary from year to year as course offerings vary.

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