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Each Career Guide highlights curriculum requirements, as well as skills and abilities that may be developed and applied through each course of study. To complement the academic information, a range of interesting occupational opportunities are listed as a starting point for considering how academic experiences may translate to professional work settings. The Career Guide series represents a collaborative effort between The Career Center and numerous academic units.


Both a major and minor in Judaic Studies are offered by the Frankel Center, where undergraduate students receive a well-balanced understanding of Modern Jewish Literature and Culture, Jewish History and Social Science, and Classical and Modern Judaism in Law and Religion, along with a strong knowledge of Yiddish or Hebrew.  The undergraduate curriculum aims to situate Jewish Studies within a broad-based liberal arts education and provides a framework for developing critical thinking and informed engagement.

Prospective majors should consult the department advisor. Normally, a plan for the major should reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the program and the themes that a student wishes to develop. Students wishing to pursue a minor in Judaic Studies must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the academic advisor. Appointments are scheduled via our Student/Fellows Coordinator at 734.615.6097.

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Since 1976, Jewish Studies at the University of Michigan has thrived as an interdisciplinary endeavor drawing on the rich resources of a diverse faculty, educating undergraduate and graduate students, and engaging the community. The inauguration of the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies in 2007 establishes the University of Michigan as a premiere site for Jewish Studies in the United States.

Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan has a rich history extending back some thirty years. Its growth has in many ways paralleled that of Jewish studies in the United States. In addition to innovation and expansion of undergraduate and graduate studies, it offers a premier Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies linking distinguished and internationally renowned scholars from around the world.

Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan brings new perspectives to bear on traditional areas of study as it initiates conversations across disciplines. Faculty and students studying Jewish society and culture learn to engage multiple worlds and speak several languages. Studying Jews involves blending tradition and innovation, inviting strategies of synthesis and disruption.

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