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The Career Center's Career Guide for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Each Career Guide highlights curriculum requirements, as well as skills and abilities that may be developed and applied through each course of study. To complement the academic information, a range of interesting occupational opportunities are listed as a starting point for considering how academic experiences may translate to professional work settings. The Career Guide series represents a collaborative effort between The Career Center and numerous academic units.


Prospective majors should consult the  department advisor for guidance on courses. Appointments are scheduled in the LACS office, 734.763.0553 or Normally, a plan for the major should reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the program and the themes that a student wishes to develop. Students should file a tentative plan for the major with the Program in their junior year, and update it prior to graduation.

Languages Taught

  • Quechua

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Faculty Associates

Latin American and Caribbean Studies departmental information

The Interdepartmental Program of study in a major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies is designed to provide students with a rigorous, multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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