Special Departmental Policies

All prerequisite courses must be satisfied with a grade of C– or above. Students with lower grades in prerequisite courses must receive special permission of the instructor to enroll in subsequent courses.


Minimum number of courses taken in residence for transfer students majoring in Mathematics (applies to all sub-plans) Effective Fall 2015: Students should take a minimum of 18 credits at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. Six of these credits must come from the basic courses and nine from the core courses and/or cognate courses. The 18 credits may include pre-requisites taken in Math. 


The Career Center's Career Guide for Mathematics

Math is the ultimate liberal art: it teaches one to think rigorously and logically as well as to express oneself concisely. Consequently, math majors can and do go on to do most everything. The Career Center's Career Guide for Mathematics provides a range of occupational opportunities that may serve as a starting point for considering how the study of mathematics may translate to a professional work setting.

Mathematics Advising

Appointments are scheduled online at: www.math.lsa.umich.edu/undergrad/. Students are strongly urged to consult with a department advisor each term before selecting courses for the following term.

Math Lab

The University of Michigan Mathematics Laboratory (Math Lab) is a walk-in tutoring service available free to all U-M students in B860 East Hall. Tutoring is available for mathematics courses numbered through MATH 217. Though help is not regularly available for other courses, we will attempt to answer the questions of any UM student who comes to us for mathematics help.
Consult the Math Lab website for specific hours of operation.

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