Effective Winter 2014

May be elected as a departmental major

Prerequisites to the Major

Most programs require completion of one of the sequences ending with MATH 215-217, 256-217, 285-217, or 395-396. A working knowledge of a high-level computer language such as C++ or a computer algebra system (such as Maple or Mathematica), at a level equivalent to completion of a course of three or more credits, and eight credits of PHYSICS, preferably PHYSICS 140/141 and 240/241, are recommended for all programs and required for some. (A grade of C- or better is strongly suggested for MATH 217.)

Major GPA Calculation

For purposes of calculating grade point average, the term "field of the major" means the following:

  1. All MATH courses.
  2. All courses used to meet requirements for the major.
  3. All required cognate courses (if any).
  4.  All mandatory prerequisites.
  5. EECS 183
  6. ECON 101 and ECON 102 (actuarial mathematics submajor only).

Requirements for the Major

A student considering a major in Mathematics should consult a mathematics department advisor in the Undergraduate Mathematics Office as early as possible and certainly by the first term of the sophomore year. The department offers many different submajors with varying requirements; failure to meet some of these at the intended time may delay completion of the program and graduation. A plan for the major must be designed with and approved by a department advisor.


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