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May be elected as an area major

The Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies offers a multidisciplinary area major program to students who want to obtain a broad background on the modern Middle East and North Africa.

Prerequisites to the Major

One of the following first-year language sequences or the equivalent:

  • Arabic (AAPTIS 101 and 102)
  • Armenian (AAPTIS 171 and 172, or 173; AAPTIS 181 and 182, or 183)
  • Hebrew (HJCS 101 and 102)
  • Persian (AAPTIS 141 and 142; or 143)
  • Turkish (AAPTIS 151 and 152; or 155).

Strongly recommended:

  • AAPTIS 100 (Peoples of the Middle East)
  • AAPTIS 204 (Introduction to Islam)

Requirements for the major

A minimum of 30 credits at the 200-level and above, chosen in consultation with and approved by the undergraduate department advisor. The courses chosen must include:

  1. Core Courses
    (If the courses below are not offered, an alternative course must be chosen in consultation with and approved by the MENAS department advisor.):
    1. ANTHRCUL 409.
    2. HISTORY 443 and one of the following:
      HISTORY 442, 538, 539, 542, 545.
    3. Political Science, any one of the following:
      POLSCI 351, 352, 353.
  2. MENAS Language Requirement for the Major. One year of an appropriate language of the area (Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish) beyond the first year level. For Arabic a student may count AAPTIS 201 and 202 or one year of colloquial Arabic (Egyptian, Levantine) as the second year of language study.
  3. Electives. Two approved electives, selected in consultation with the advisor, with appropriate Middle East content from the Departments of Anthropology, History, History of Art, Modern Middle East and North African Studies, Political Science, and Sociology.

Honors Plan

Special arrangements are made for qualified students to elect an Honors major. Candidates for an Honors major undertake independent research which is reported in a senior Honors thesis. Prospective Honors majors should consult with the Honors department advisor before the end of the junior year and should enroll in one of the senior Honors thesis courses approved by the advisor.

Middle Eastern and North African Studies Major (through Summer 2014)

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