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Not a major program

Students who enroll as cadets in the Air Force Officer Education Program and who successfully complete the program and receive a University degree are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Air Force.


Career Opportunities

In addition to being pilots and navigators, men and women can serve in a wide range of technical fields such as meteorology, research and development, communications and electronics, engineering, transportation, logistics, and intelligence as well as in numerous managerial and training fields such as accounting and finance, personnel, manpower management, education and training, investigation, and information services. Advanced education or technical training for these career areas may be obtained on active duty at Air Force expense.

Four-Year and Three-Year Programs

Students may choose either of the two program options described in the general introduction to the Military Officer Education Programs. Both program options include a summer four-week field training course at an Air Force base between the sophomore and junior years.   Students electing to take the three-year program will be required to take the basic course sequence in one year instead of two years.

Financial Benefits and Scholarships

For a detailed description of the available financial benefits and scholarships, read the appropriate sections in the general introduction to the Military Officer Education Programs.

Course of Study

Students enroll in one course in Air Force during each term of participation in the program for a total of 16 credits distributed as follows:

  • Basic course sequence (first and second years): AERO 101, 102, 201, 202 (4 credits).
  • Advanced course sequence (third and fourth years): AERO 310, 311, 410, 411 (12 credits).

These course sequences attempt to develop an understanding of the global mission and organization of the United States Air Force, the historical development of air power and its support of national objectives, concepts of leadership, management responsibilities and skills, national defense policy, and the role of the military officer in our society.

Military Obligation

After being commissioned, graduates of the program will be called to active duty with the Air Force in a field usually related to their academic degree program. The period of service is four years for non-flying officers, six years for navigators and air battle managers after completion of their training, and ten years for pilots after completion of flight training.

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