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Not a major program

Students enrolled in the Army Officer Education Program, upon graduation from the University and successful completion of the program, receive a commission as second lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, or in the Regular Army. Many students enroll for the first two years to sample career opportunities. No military obligation is incurred for the first two years, unless students are on scholarship.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program may choose a career in the Regular Army, a limited period of active service, or part-time service in the Army Reserve or National Guard. Service in the Army's sixteen branches provides an opportunity to utilize the education provided by many of the majors, and Army officer experience is applicable to a broad spectrum of civilian occupations.

Four-Year, Three-Year, and Two-Year Programs

Financial Benefits and Scholarships

Course of Study

Students enroll in one course in Military Science during each term of participation in the program for a total of 12 credits distributed as follows:

  • Basic course sequence (first and second years): MILSCI 101, 102, 201, 202 (4 credits).
  • Advanced course sequence (third and fourth years): MILSCI 301, 302, 401, 402 (8 credits).

The complete course of instruction includes professional ethics, military writing, principles of military leadership, staff management, small unit leadership, military justice, and Geneva Convention. In addition to these courses, cadets also attend a 2 hour military arts laboratory per week each term.

Simultaneous Membership Program

Students who are non-scholarship holders may choose to join a Reserve or National Guard unit of their choice while enrolled at the University. The students then train as officer candidates, gaining valuable leadership training as a member of the Reserve Forces and can collect over $1,000 per month in addition to the monthly stipend to all contracted ROTC cadets.

Branch Assignments

In their last year prior to commissioning, cadets are classified for branch assignments to one of the following 16 branches of the Army in accordance with their preference, aptitude, academic background, and the needs of the Army: Aviation, Armor, Field Artillery, Air Defense Artillery, Adjutant General's Corps, Military Intelligence, Corps of Engineers, Finance Corps, Infantry, Medical Service Corps, Military Police Corps, Ordnance Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Signal Corps, Transportation Corps, Chemical Corps, and Army Nurse Corps.

Military Obligation

Non-scholarship students may apply for duty assignments in the Active Army, Army Reserve or National Guard with a commitment of three years. Scholarship students are committed to 4 years Active Army, Army Reserve or National Guard.  

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