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Not a major program.

Students enrolled as midshipmen in the Navy Officer Education Program who successfully complete the program and receive a university degree are commissioned as officers in the Navy or Marine Corps.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program have a wide range of job and career opportunities as commissioned officers in the Navy or Marine Corps. Navy officers may be assigned duty in surface ships, aviation, submarines, special operations, or nursing. Marine Corps officers may be assigned aviation, infantry, armor, artillery, and a wide variety of other specialties. After graduation, all commissioned officers receive additional training in their chosen specialties.

Four-Year, Three-Year, and Two-Year Programs

Students can find detailed information about these program options at

Eligibility, Financial Benefits and Scholarships 

Course of Study

Normally, NROTC midshipmen enroll in eight Naval Science courses during their participation in the program. In addition, all midshipmen are required to complete a specific core of college courses including calculus and physics. Scholarship midshipmen also participate in three-to-six week summer training exercises after their freshman and sophomore years, and all midshipmen participate in a similar training exercise upon completion of their junior year.

Military Obligation

Depending upon the program in which they are enrolled, and the warfare specialty they choose, graduates' service obligation vary from five to eight years.

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