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The CMB Honors Program trains students to conduct independent research in the fields of cell biology, genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology. In addition to completing all the requirements for the CMB major, an Honors degree requires a major GPA of at least 3.4, and the completion of a significant piece of independent research that is reported in an Honors thesis and presented in a public forum. It is recommended that students discuss the Honors Program with a department advisor early in their undergraduate career.

Declaring an Honors Plan in CMB. Students are encouraged to meet with a CMB advisor to declare their Honors major as soon as they have arranged an Honors research project with their prospective mentor.

The Honors Research and Thesis. Students conducting Honors research must register for independent research in MCDB (MCDB 300 or 400) for at least two terms. Students interested in Honors research in labs outside of the MCDB department must identify a co-sponsor. It is important for these co-sponsored students to discuss their proposed project with a CMB advisor in advance to ensure that the subject matter is appropriate for a CMB Honors thesis.

The Honors thesis is expected to be a report of a substantial body of original results obtained during a sustained period of investigation. It is to be written in the form of a research paper that could be submitted to a journal in the studentテᆳs area of interest, with the exception that the introduction is expected to provide substantially more back-ground on the research area than is typical of a research article.

Prior to submitting their thesis, students should identify three readers for the thesis, one of whom is the sponsor. At least two readers must be faculty members in the Department of MCDB. The thesis must be submitted by April 1 (for May graduates), August 1 (for August graduates), or December 1 (for December graduates).

Based on material presented in the Honors thesis and the student's overall record, the readers of the thesis will recommend a rating of "No Honors", "Honors", "High Honors", or "Highest Honors". The CMB Curriculum Committee will review the reader recommendations and determine the appropriate level of Honors.

The Research Presentation. The presentation of the Honors research may be given at a poster session or as a formal talk. The student's mentor will confirm that this requirement has been met in their letter of evaluation.

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