Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Departmental Information

Introductory Biology Credit Limitation

The maximum amount of credit that can be earned in introductory biology courses is 17 credits. Students interested in concentrating in Biology, General Biology, CMB, or Plant Biology must complete BIOLOGY 162 or equivalent.

Supporting Facilities

Modern teaching and research laboratories house electron microscopes, controlled environment rooms, analytical and preparative centrifuges, spectrophotometers, and other tools essential for modern research in all areas of the biological sciences.


K.L. Jones Award.

Since 1977, this award has been made each year to the outstanding plant science undergraduate. The Kenneth L. Jones Undergraduate Award for excellence in botany was endowed by colleagues, friends, and alumni upon the retirement of Professor Jones and consists principally of a sum to enable the recipient to purchase books or equipment of his or her own choice.

Underwood-Alger Scholarship.

This scholarship program is based on merit and intended to provide support for students concentrating in the biological sciences. For this program, special consideration is given to applicants who are female and who have financial need. A gift from Dr. Nelda E Alger provides funding for this scholarship.

Anne Rudo Memorial Award.

The award is designated for a student with dual interests in the disciplines of biology and psychology, and superior academic achievement. Information is available in the Psychology Undergraduate Office, 1044 East Hall.

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