African American Theatre Minor

Effective September 5, 2001 - Suspended:  Winter 2014

A minor in African American Theatre is not open to students with any major program in the Department of Theatre and Drama.

This minor provides students from CAAS, Women's Studies, Screen Arts and Cultures, and other departments with the opportunity to complement their major course of study with exposure to the history, literature, and practice of African American theatre. It fosters interdisciplinary thinking and practice among students matriculating in disciplines which naturally lend themselves to interdisciplinarity, using theatre as a matrix.

Students wishing to pursue a minor in African American Theatre must develop a specific plan for its completion in consultation with the Department of Theatre and Drama. For further information, contact the department office at

Prerequisites to the Minor: THTREMUS 222, Introduction to Black Theatre.

Academic Minor Program: At least 15 credits of courses, to be chosen from the following three categories as stated:

  1. Core Courses (9 credits):

    • 233, Acting and the Black Experience
    • 324, Contemporary Black Theatre
    • 326, Script Analysis for Black Writers and Directors

  2. Electives (6 credits): Students must select two elective courses. At least one (though usually both) of them must be from List A. In some circumstances, the second elective may be chosen from List B, but only in consultation with the department advisor.

    1. List A

      • 332, Drama from Oral Sources
      • 340, Black Theatre Workshop
      • 440, Special Topics in African American Theatre and Drama
        • 001: Comparing Black Aesthetics: Caribbean, African American & African Drama
        • 002: African American Dramatic Literature

    2. List B

      • 212, Introduction to World Performance
      • 240, Introduction to Design
      • 242, Directing II
      • 327, Playwriting II
      • 442, Directing III

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