Creative Writing and Literature Major

May be elected as a departmental major 

Effective Winter 2013

Not open to those electing the minor in Creative Writing (effective Fall 2011)

The Residential College's Creative Writing and Literature Major combines the sustained, disciplined practice of writing with the serious study of literature. The main goal of the program is to help students develop their creative abilities through a continuous, interrelated cycle of writing, rewriting, and literary analysis. Creative writing courses are taught as workshops and tutorials in which students work individually with faculty members. Students are required to take courses in literature in order to understand better the art of writing.

Students wishing to pursue a sustained practice in creative writing take a combination of writing courses in a selected genre and literature courses, distributed as follows:

  1. A minimum of four creative writing classes, three at the upper level (300 and above), mixing seminars (RCHUMS 220, 221, 222, 242, 320, 321, 322) and tutorials (RCHUMS 325, 326, 425, 426)
  2. A minimum of five upper level (300 and above) literature courses at least one of which must be ancient (RCHUMS 309, CLCIV 390, ENGLISH 401) or medieval (RCHUMS 310, ENGLISH 370) literature.

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