Residential College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Faculty Listing


Charles Bright (Residential College / History) (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Social Theory & Practice: Twentieth-century world history, American political history, Detroit history

Carl Cohen, Political philosophy, moral philosophy, bioethics, logic

Hubert Cohen, Film studies and film criticism, narrative literature

Susan E. Crowell, Ceramics, ceramics history and criticism, design

Angela D. Dillard (Afroamerican and African Studies / Residential College) (Earl Lewis Collegiate Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies and in the Residential College), Social Theory & Practice, American and African-American intellectual history and political thought; religious studies; critical race theory; and conservatism

Beth Genné, Art history, interdisciplinary humanities

Michael Gould (Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation, School of Music, Theatre & Dance / Residential College), percussion, jazz and contemporary improvisation

Laura Kasischke (Allan Seager Collegiate Professor of English Language and Literature), Creative Writing

Jon Wells (History / Afroamerican and African Studies / Residential College)

Associate Professors

Naomi André, Music, Women's Studies

Catherine Badgley (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology / Residential College), Natural Science, Paleontology, Ecology

Catherine Brown (Romance Languages and Literatures: Spanish / Comparative Literature), Medieval European literature, philosophy, theology; the practice of scholarship; the poetics of scholarly prose; materialities of thought and communication; medieval and contemporary practices of interpretation; translation

Sueann Caulfield (Residential College / History), Social Theory & Practice: History

Santiago Colás (Comparative Literature / Residential College), Comparative Literature; Arts and Ideas in the Humanities

Herbert Eagle, Russian literature, Slavic and East European film, literary theory

Ashley Lucas (Residential College / Theatre and Drama, School of Music, Theatre & Dance / School of Art & Design), Director, Prison Creative Arts Program; U.S. Latina/o theatre, prison-related theatre, theatre for social change, and related topics in acting, playwriting, and comparative ethnic studies.

Elizabeth F. S. Roberts, (Sociocultural Anthropology/Medical Anthropology), Critical study of medicine, science and biotechnology, modernity, exchange, kinship, race, religion, Latin America, Ecuador

David Turnley (School of Art & Design / Residential College), Photography; documentary filmmaking and commercial directing

Stephen Ward, Urban studies, Black politics, Detroit history

Assistant Professors

Michele McClellan, History

Thomas Willette, History of Art


Carolyn Anderson-Burack, French language

Paula Berwanger, American Sign Language

David Burkam, Mathematics, Social Theory & Practice

Dominique Butler-Borruat, French Language

Lawrence Davis, Literature, Arts & Ideas

Katri Ervamaa, Music

Cristhian Espinoza-Pino, Spanish Language

Jeffrey Evans, Social Theory & Practice

Helen Fox, Social Theory & Practice

Karein Goertz, Germanic Language and Literature

Elizabeth Goodenough, Comparative Literature: American and English literature

Henry Greenspan, Social Theory & Practice: Clinical psychology, Adult development

Michael Hannum, Photography, Holography

Warren Hecht, Creative Writing

Lollita Hernandez, Creative Writing

Mark Kirschenmann, Music

Olga Lopéz-Cotín, Spanish Language

Alina Makin, Russian Language

Kate Mendeloff, Drama, Directing

Kenneth Mikolowski, Poetry Writing, Contemporary American Poetry

Virginia Murphy, Creative Writing; Science, Technology + Society

Jennifer Myers, Social Social Theory & Practice

Fred Peters, Comparative Literature, German Studies, Interdisciplinary Humanities

Ian Robinson (Sociology / Residential College), Political Sociology, Social Theory & Practice

Maria Rodriguez, Spanish Language

Susan Rosegrant, Creative Writing

Janet Hegman Shier, German language, foreign language theatre

Gina Soter (Classical Studies / Residential College), Latin

Cynthia Sowers, Arts and Ideas in the Humanities, literature and the visual arts

Wendy Tashian, Spanish Language

Laura Thomas, Creative Writing

Frank Thompson, Economics

Martin Walsh, Drama

Susan Pratt Walton, Ethnomusicology

Jason Wright, RC Arts (Sculpture + Design)

Professors Emeriti

Larry L. Cressman (Residential College / Art, School of Art & Design), Printmaking, drawing

Yi-tsi Feuerwerker, Chinese fiction and literary criticism

Max Heirich, Social Theory & Practice: Medical sociology, social theory, social change

Ann Larimore, Social Theory & Practice: Women as farmers, cultural geography and ecology, Turkey and the Middle East

James Robertson, Writing and theory

Thomas Weisskopf, Social Theory & Practice: political economy

Lecturers Emeritae

Sylvie Carduner, French language

Jane Heirich

Eliana Moya-Raggio, Spanish language

Barbara Sloat, Biology, Gender and Science

Susan Wright, History of twentieth-century science and technology, biotechnology, science policy



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