Effective Fall 2014

Students have the option of adding a subplan in “Law, Justice, and Social Change” to their Sociology major. Courses in Law, Justice, and Social Change submajor emphasize the ways in which legal and other social institutions reproduce and exacerbate social inequalities, and the capacity of social groups to challenge such institutions in ways that produce fundamental social change. A wide range of courses will explore how we understand the concepts of justice and apply it and will develop knowledge in criminology, law, social movements, human rights.

Requirements for the submajor. To have a notation of the submajor appear on your transcript, you must successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits from the following list:  

  • SOC 270, 350, 354, 368, 461, 465, 476, 489
  • appropriate topics in SOC 295, 495
  • approved independent studies in SOC 395
  • criminal justice settings of SOC 225 (or 389)

A maximum of 6 credits for the subplan may come from Experiential Learning or Independent Study style courses.

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