Barbara A. Anderson, (Ronald Freedman Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Population Studies), Quantitative Methodology, Race, Class, and Gender, Social Change

Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Education, Sex and Gender

William G. Axinn, Demography, Family, Life Course, Research Methods, South Asian Studies

Jennifer S. Barber, Demography, Family, Social Psychology

Fatma Müge Göçek, Historical Sociology, Social Change, Gender and Gender Roles, Theory, Sociology of the Middle East

Karin A. Martin, Children and Youth, Sex and Gender, Sexualities 

Mark S. Mizruchi (Robert Cooley Angell Collegiate Professor of Sociology, Barger Family Professor of Organizational Studies), Economic Sociology, Organizations (Formal and Complex), Political Sociology

Jeffrey D. Morenoff, Criminology/Delinquency, Demography, Urban Sociology

Jason D. Owen-Smith (Barger Leadership Institute Professor of Organizational Studies), Economic Sociology, Organizational Theory, Networks, Science and Technology

Silvia Pedraza, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Race, Class, and Gender, Religion

Pamela J. Smock, Family, Demography, Social Stratification, Gender

Margaret R. Somers, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Comparative/Historical Sociology, History of Sociology and Social Thought, Law and Sociology, Social Change, Social Theory

George Steinmetz (Charles Tilly Collegiate Professor of Sociology and Germanic Languages and Literatures), Comparative/Historical Sociology, Cultural Sociology, History of Sociology and Social Thought, Political Sociology

Arland Thornton, Demography, Development, Family, Children and Youth, Survey Research Methodology, Aging/Social Gerontology

Yu Xie (Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor of Sociology and Statistics), Demography, Education, Stratification/Mobility

Alford A. Young Jr.(Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Cultural Sociology, History of Sociology and Social Thought, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Social Theory, Urban Sociology

Associate Professors

Renee R. Anspach, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Qualitative Methods, Social Psychology, Sociology of Deviance

Sarah A. Burgard, Demography, Medical Sociology, Stratification/Mobility

Greta R. Krippner, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Political Economy, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Social Theory

Karyn Lacy, Race, Class and Gender; Community; Qualitative Methodology

Kiyoteru Tsutsui, Political/Comparative Sociology, Social Movements, Globalization, Human Rights, Japanese Society

Geneviève Zubrzycki, Historical/Comparative Sociology, Nationalism, Political and Social Change, Post-Socialism (Poland), Religion, Collective Memory

Assistant Professors

Rachel K. Best, Political Sociology, Sociology of Law, Social Movements, Medical Sociology

Deirdre Bloome, Economic and Racial Stratification, Social Mobility, Family Demography, Social Policy, Statistical Methodology

Elizabeth E. Bruch, Demography, Quantitative Methodology, Statistics, Stratification/Mobility, Mathematical Sociology

Robert S. Jansen (Michigan Society of Fellows), Comparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Cultural Sociology, Social Theory, Latin America

Jaeeun Kim, Korean Society, Political Sociology, Ethnicity and Nationalism, International Migration

Sandra R. Levitsky, Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Law and Sociology, Political Sociology

Alexandra Murphy, Urban Sociology, Organizations, Poverty and Inequality, Race Social Policy and Culture, City of Detroit


Dwight Lang, Education, Political Sociology, Stratification/Mobility

PJ McGann, Sex and Gender, Sexualities, Sociology of Deviance, Culture and Knowledge

Terence McGinn, Culture and Knowledge

Ian Robinson, Economic Sociology, Labor

Luis Sfeir-Younis, Sexualities, Multiculturalism, Sociology of Animals, Marriages and Families 

Michael Ybarra, Economic Sociology, Statistics 

Affiliated Professors


Wayne E. Baker (Robert P. Thome Professor of Business Administration; Robert B Thome Professor of Business Administration) (Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management (Business) / Sociology) , Networks and Organizations, Social Capital, Economic Sociology, Cultural Change

Gerald F. Davis (Wilbur K. Pierpont Professor of Management) (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management (Business) / Sociology), Economic Sociology, Organizations, Social Movements

Raymond De Vries (Learning Health Science, Medical School / Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medical School  / Sociology ), Regulation of Science, Clinical Trials of Genetic Therapies and Deep Brain Stimulation

Sarah Fenstermaker (Women's Studies), women and work, domestic labor, family violence, and the workings of gender, race, and class

Daniel Little (Philosophy, CASL, UM-Dearborn / Sociology), Chancellor at U-M-Dearborn, Philosophy of the Social Sciences, International Ethics, Philosophy of Economics, Rational Choice Theory

Andrei S. Markovits (Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies (Political Science / Germanic Language and Literatures / Sociology), German and Austrian Politics, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism, Social Democracy, Social Movements, Sports Culture

Martin Murray(Urban Planning, Taubman College / Sociology), Urban Studies, Social and Cultural Geographies, Historical Sociology, Southern Africa

Brian Rowan(Burke A. Hinsdale Collegiate Professor of Education) (Educational Studies. School of Education / Sociology), Organizational Theory, Education

Adjunct Professors

William H. Frey (Professor of Sociology), Urban Sociology, Social Demography, Migration

James Lepkowski, Survey Sampling and Analysis of Categorical Data

David Tucker, Interorganizational Relations and Social Policy 

Adjunct Associate Professors

Victoria Johnson, Historical and Cultural Sociology of Organizations

David Schoem, Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Group Relations, Intergroup Dialogue, Social Identity, Learning Communities, American Jewish Community

Professors Emeriti

Duane Alwin, Family, Socialization, Aging and Life Course, Social Psychology, Quantitative Methods, Survey Methods

Mark A. Chesler (Arthur F. Thurnau Professor), Social Change, Qualitative Methods, Action Research, Racism, Sexism and Multicultural Organizations, Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer

Reynolds Farley, Characteristics of the African-American Population of the United States, Racial and Ethnic Issues in the United States, Urban Sociology, Demographic Trends Involving the U.S. Population

David L. Featherman, Aging and Life Course, Social Stratification, Social Psychology, Social Mobility

Robert Groves, Survey Methods, Survey Methodology, Statistics, Sampling, Measurement of Survey Errors

Max Heirich, Social Policy, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Knowledge, Cultural Belief Systems and Protest Movements, Sociology of Religion

Albert Hermalin, Demography of Aging, Intergenerational Relations, Fertility and Family Planning, Demographic Techniques

James House (Angus Campbell Distinguished University Professor Emeritus of Sociology), Social Psychology, Aging and Health, Social Structure and Personality, Social Indicators, Survey Research Methods, Political Sociology

Howard Kimeldorf, Labor Sociology, Comparative/Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Movements

John Knodel, General Population Studies, Fertility, Southeast Asia, Historical Demography, Aging, Focus Group Research, Education, AIDS Related Behavior

Richard Lempert, Law and Society

Gayl D. Ness, Sociology of Economic Modernization, Political Structure and Population Control, Modern Organizations, S.E. Asia

Jeffery M. Paige, Political Sociology, Revolution, Latin America, Marxian Social Theory

Sonya O. Rose, Historical Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Work, Class Formation, Sociology of the Family

Howard Schuman, Research Methods, Social Psychology, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behavior

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