Effective Fall 2008

An academic minor in Asian Studies  is not open to students with a concentration in Asian Studies or other academic minor in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures.

The academic minor in Asian Studies allows concentrators in other departments to undertake a guided and coherent program in Asian Studies when extensive coursework in an Asian language is  impractical for them. In contrast to the Asian Studies concentration, as well as the minor in Asian Languages and Cultures, this academic minor does not contain a language component, it is designed to give students the opportunity to plan a structured and articulated series of courses that will result in an intellectual engagement with the culture of at leas one Asian region.

Prerequisites to the Academic Minor: None.

Academic Minor Program:

At least 15 non-language credits chosen in consultation with and approved by a department advisor:

At least 3 courses in Asian Studies offered though ALC within one of the regional tracks: Chinese Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, South Asian Studies, or Southeast Asian Studies. Two courses must be elected at the 300-level or above.

An academic minor plan may also be organized around disciplines or lines of inquiry not necessarily defined by a region in consultation with and approved by a department advisor.

Twelve of the credits counted toward the academic minor must be elected at the University of Michigan or at an overseas program associated with U-M.

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