Effective Date: Winter 2015

Academic minors in Statistics are not open to students with a Statistics  major or any other minor in Statistics.


The Applied Statistics minor program is designed to introduce students to applied statistical methodology. The minor will provide students with an appreciation for the tools that enable them to be involved in the design and analysis of quantitative studies as part of their professional careers or for pursuing graduate studies in applied fields.

Prerequisites to the Minor

  1. MATH 115.
  2. One of:  EECS 183 or 285, or SI 106, or ENGR 101

Academic Minor Program

At least 15 credits of courses, to be chosen from the following categories as stated:

  1. Core Course: STATS 250 (or 350) and 401.
  2. Elective Statistics Courses : At least three of the following courses: STATS 403, 408, 449, 470, 480. Advanced Statistics courses may be included with prior approval of a Statistics Department undergraduate department advisor.
    Exclusions: The following courses may not be used as electives for the Applied Statistics minor: STATS 400, 404, 412, 489, 499

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