Moulinath Banerjee, Likelihood based methods, non-regular asymptotics, shape restricted estimation, nonparametric methods and their applications

Richard D. Gonzalez (Psychology / Statistics / Marketing), Research methodology; mathematical psychology; statistics; judgment and decision making; psychology and law; group dynamics; social cognition

Xuming He (Harry Clyde Carver Collegiate Professor of Statistics), Theory and methodology in quantile regression, semiparametric models, robust statistics, and dimension reduction; Interdisciplinary research in biosciences, climate studies, dysphagia research, and social-economic studies

Alfred Hero (EECS) (R. Jamison and Betty Williams Professor of Engineering), Statistical signal processing, machine learning, analysis of high dimensional data, bioinformatics 

Tailen Hsing (Michael B. Woodroofe Collegiate Professor Statistics), Extreme value theory, functional data analysis, time series and spatial statistics

Edward L. Ionides, inference for stochastic processes, with applications to cell motion, ecology, epidemiology and neuroscience

James Joyce (Philosophy) (Cooper Harold Langford Collegiate Professor of Philosophy), decision theory, game theory, philosophical aspects of probability and statistics, and philosophy of science

Robert W. Keener, Sequential design,  limit theorems, boundary crossing problems

Elizaveta Levina, high-dimensional data, statistical inference for networks, statistical machine learning, applications to computer vision and spectroscopy 

Roderick J. Little (Biostatistics) (Richard D. Remington Distinguished University Professor of Biostatistics), Analysis of data with missing values, survey inference, biostatistics, psychiatric statistics

Walter Mebane (Political Science), American government and political methodology

George Michailidis, Analysis of high dimensional data, semi-supervised learning, network tomography, inverse problems on a graph, , bioinformatics, data visualization

Susan A. Murphy (Herbert E. Robbins Distinguished University Professor of Statistics), Individually tailored treatments, multi-stage decisions, causal inference high dimensional modeling

Vijayan Nair (Statistics and IOE) (Donald A. Darling Collegiate Professor of Statistics) Engineering Statistics, Reliability and Risk Analysis, Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments, Quality Improvement Methods, Process Control, Neuro-informatics, Communication and Computer Networks, Behavioral Intervention Studies, and Spatial Modeling

Ed Rothman, Biological and legal applications, nonparametric regression, spatial statistics, statistical process control, the philosophy of W. Edwards Deming

Kerby Shedden, Analysis of biomedical screening experiments; Statistical computing; Image analysis; Applications to chemical biology, cancer, genetics 

Naisyin Wang, Non- and semiparametric methods, measurement error models, longitudinal and functional data analysis, Bioinformatics, biological and medical applications

Yu Xie (Sociology) (Otis Dudley Duncan Distinguished University Professor of Sociology), Social Stratification, Methods and Statistics, Demography, Sociology of Science, Categorical Data Analysis, Causal Inference

Ji Zhu, Statistical machine learning and data mining; high dimensional data analysis; Statistical network analysis; Statistics in finance and marketing; Computational biology

Associate Professors

Yves Atchade, Monte Carlo methods, Limit Theorems for Markov Chains and adaptive Markov chains, causal inference, social networks

Ben Hansen, Causal inference in comparative studies: matching and propensity scores; sensitivity analysis; randomization-based inference 

Long Nguyen (Statistics / Electrical Enginnering and Computer Science), Machine learning; variational inference; nonparametric Bayesian methods for functional and spatial data; applications to statistical signal processing and ecological modeling

Clayton D. Scott (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Machine learning theory, methods, and applications

Stilian Stoev, Probability theory and statistical inference for time series and stochastic processes; long-range dependence, heavy tails, and extreme values; Applications to computer network and environmental data

Assistant Professors

Shuheng Zhou, Statistical learning theory/algorithms, high-dimensional large-scale modeling, differential privacy and its statistical implications, convex optimization, approximation and randomized algorithms, network and combinatorial optimization

Senior Lecturer

Brenda Gunderson, Statistical education, applied statistics, multivariate statistics

Professors Emeriti

Bruce Hill, Bayesian inference, foundations, linear models

Jan Kmenta (Economics / Statistics), Econometrics

Michael Woodroofe (Statistics / Mathematics), Sequential analysis and design, limit theorems, renewal theory, inference for restricted parameters; applications to physics and astronomy

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