Effective Fall 2012

The major prepares students for careers in industry and government as well as for graduate programs in statistics and quantitative fields. It emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills in data analysis and empirical research. The major includes a core set of courses in applied statistics, statistical theory, and computational statistics. Elective courses cover specific classes of statistical techniques, or focus on research areas where statistical analysis plays a major role. Statistics majors learn to apply the skills they learn to diverse application areas including medicine, finance, public policy, and information technology. Students can tailor their electives to prepare themselves for appropriate graduate programs.

Prerequisites to the Major

  • MATH 215 and 217 (MATH 417 may not be substituted for MATH 217)
  • EECS 182 (preferred) or EECS 183
  • STATS 250 or 412

Requirements for the Major

 The Statistics major program consists of at least 26 credits, and must include the following:

  1. Core Statistics courses: STATS 425, 426, 500.
  2. Core Computing course: STATS 406.
  3. Additional Statistics courses: At least one of STATS 415, 430, 470, or 480.
  4. Capstone Course: STATS 485
  5. Elective courses in Statistics, Mathematics, or EECS. These are advisor approved electives. These approved courses include:
    • STATS 404, 408, 449
    • any 500+ level Statistics courses
    • any additional courses from #3 above
    • 400+ level advisor-approved MATH courses (except MATH 417 and 419)
    • 300+ level advisor-approved EECS course.

Students interested in the application of statistics to various disciplines such as economics, biological sciences, and psychology are also encouraged to take courses in these areas.

Honors Plan 

Any student who has maintained an overall grade point average of at least 3.4 through the sophomore year may apply for admission to the Honors major program. Such application is made through a Statistics Department undergraduate department advisor. Students in the Honors program must complete the regular major program above with the following modifications: MATH 451 and an overall GPA of at least 3.5. In addition, Honors majors must elect the Senior Honors Seminar (STATS 499) and complete a project under the direction of a member of the faculty. This additional requirement should be arranged and discussed with a Statistics Department undergraduate department advisor.


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