Effective Winter 2015

Academic minors in Statistics are not open to students with a Statistics  major or any other minor in Statistics.


The Statistics minor program is designed to equip students with a general introduction to probability and statistics.  It allows a broad selection of classes to suit both general and specific interests.   

Prerequisites to the Minor

  1. MATH 215.
  2. One of:  EECS 183 or 285, or SI 106, or ENGR 101

Academic Minor Program

At least 15 credits of courses, to be chosen from the following categories as stated:

  1. Core Courses: STATS 250 (or 350) and 425, or STATS 412 and 425.
  2. Elective Statistics Courses:

    At least three additional 400-level STATS courses to bring the credit total to 15, chosen in consultation with and approved by a Statistics Department undergraduate department advisor.

Exclusions: The following courses may not be used as electives for the Statistics minor: STATS 400, 404, 412, 489, 499

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